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Melfort & District Museum

Clark, James Chatterton

  • Person
  • [1910- ?]

James "Chat" Chatterton Clark was born in 1910 to James Byron Clark and Anna Mary Clark (Chatterton). In Melfort, in 1937, he married Edna Mae Wood. James farmed and worked as an accountant. As well, he contributed greatly to the Naisberry area. James was secretary for both the Naisberry S.D. #788 and the Naisberry Wheat Pool Committee from the 1940's into the early 1960's.

Cottrill, Marshall

  • SCN00075
  • Person
  • 1904-

Marshall Edward Cottrill was born in 1904 to Edward Andrew Cottrill and Kate Christina Cottrill (nee Kyler) in the Star City, Saskatchewan municipality. He eventually married Bernice Cottrill (nee Ford) and had two daughters and one adopted son. Over his life, he worked as a teacher and farmer.

Currie, Vera R. (Née Baity)

  • SCAA-MDM-2001-117
  • Person
  • 193? - ??

Vera R. Currie (nee Baity) is the daughter of Lyla R. Baity (nee Wilkinson). Vera's mother was born in 1912 on the Beatrice (nee Barnum) and Jack Wilkinson homestead near Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This farm was sold following the First World War, and the Wilkinsons moved to Quesnel, British Columbia, where Lyla remained. Vera Currie was born in Quesnel, and attended school there, but moved to Salt Lake City, USA, after marriage.

Fedosa, Sandra

  • Person
  • 19--?

Sandra Fedosa lives in Brampton, Ontario. Her mother, Vera McLean, is from Melfort, Saskatchewan.

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