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Legion of Frontiersme

  • Corporate body
  • 1904-

The Legion of Frontiersmen was formed by former Northwest Mounted Policeman Henry Roger Pocock on December 24, 1904 in London, England. It was created as an irregular force of the British Empire with mounted rifles, guides, scouts, intelligence gatherers, and combat labourers. In wartime, the Legion would be called on to oppose an enemy force until regular forces could be distributed.

On December 12, 1912, “A” Squadron Moose Jaw was formed. This was to be later a part of South Saskatchewan Command, also based in Moose Jaw.

Membership in the legion had decreased significantly after the First World War, but would rise again to the thousands during the Second World War. By the end of the 20th century, membership totals would amount to a mere fraction of past totals. Current members serve to assist local authorities in during civil emergencies and disasters.

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