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Cameron, Malcolm Colin, 1832-1898

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  • 1832-1898

Malcolm Colin Cameron was born on April 12, 1832 in Perth, Upper Canada (Ontario). Cameron attended Knox Collegiate in Toronto and studied law in Renfrew. In 1855, Cameron moved to Goderich, where he practiced law and later served as a councilor, reeve and mayor. He was called to the bar of Upper Canada in 1860 and appointed Queen's Counsel on March 11, 1876.

Cameron served as a Liberal Member of Parliament for South Huron and West Huron from 1867 until 1898 (not inclusive). He was appointed lieutenant governor of the North-West Territories effective May 30, 1898 on the advice of Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The appointment was made by the Earl of Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada. During his term, Cameron resided at Government House in Regina. Cameron died in London, Ontario on September 26, 1898 while en route from Regina to Goderich. He was buried in Maitland Cemetery in Goderich.

Cameron married Janet (Jessie) Hiddneston McLean on May 30, 1855. The Camerons had two sons and five daughters.

Thibault, Arthur Joseph, 1914-1983

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  • 1914-1983

Arthur Joseph Thibault was born on February 21, 1914 in Bonne Madone, Saskatchewan to Eugene and Emma (McGary) Thibault. He attended Kaminka School. In 1941, he began operating a grain and livestock farm in the Tarnopol district. Thibault was a member of the Saskatchewan Farmers Union, served on the local school board, and was reeve of the Rural Municipality of Invergordon No. 430 from 1952 to 1959.

Thibault's career in provincial politics began when he was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in a by-election on June 3, 1959. He served as the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) member for the Kinistino constituency from 1959 to 1967. He then served as the New Democratic Party (NDP) member for the Kinistino constituency (1967-1971; 1975-1978) and the Melfort-Kinistino constituency (1971-1975). Thibault was a member of the Cabinet Committee on Traffic Safety and served as chair of the Special Committee on Highway Traffic and Safety (1973-1975). After retiring from politics in 1978, he worked at the St. Louis Alcoholism Rehabilitation Centre in Prince Albert until 1981. He died on February 22, 1983.

Thibault married Doris Lepine on June 11, 1941. The Thibaults had five children: Lucille, Edward, Eugene, Roger and Denise.

Willsmer, Harry, 1864-1950

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  • 1864-1950

Harry Willsmer was born in 1864 at Sturmer, Essex, England to William and Charlotte (Finch) Willsmer. Upon completion of his education, Willsmer held occupations including clerk, collector and farmer. He emigrated to Canada in April 1902 and settled briefly in Regina, North-West Territories (after September 1905, Saskatchewan). Between 1902 and 1906, he lived in various locations before settling permanently in Regina.

Willsmer was employed with the Government of Saskatchewan as its first chief clerk of the Department of Railways, Telegraphs and Telephones (ca. 1906-1913) and as an inspector of rural telephones with the Department of Telephones (ca. 1913-1917). He left the employ of the government briefly and was a representative for O'Hara & Co. bond brokers (ca. 1917). Subsequently, he was re-employed with the Government as an accountant with the Local Government Board, a position he held until his retirement in 1931. He was a founding member of the Saskatchewan Civil Service Association, and served as its first president in 1913.

Willsmer was active in several secret and benevolent societies. He was a past grand patron of the Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan, Order of the Eastern Star; a charter member of Floreat Lodge No. 64, I.O.O.F.; and held life membership to Wascana Lodge No. 2, A.F. & A.M.; Wascana chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Shepherds of Gabriel's White Shrine of Jerusalem; and the Scottish Rite. Among Willsmer's other hobbies were sketching, cartooning and illustrating, particularly on programmes, certificates, and greeting cards.

Harry Willsmer died in Regina on January 1, 1950. He was interred at Regina Cemetery.

Holy Family Hospital School of Nursing, 1910-1969

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  • 1910-1969

The Holy Family Hospital in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan was opened in December, 1910. The hospital was owned and administered by a charitable order known as the Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception. Shortly after the hospital's opening, a School of Nursing was established and a three-year program to teach and train nurses was offered. The first nurse to graduate from the school was Henrietta Mutter (Sister Mary Katherine), in 1913. The first group of lay nurses were admitted to the school in March, 1913.

A residence for the student nurses was built in 1915 and was used until November 1955, when a new building with classrooms, offices, a library, auditorium and student residence was officially opened.

In 1953, a Centralized Teaching Program was established by the Government of Saskatchewan. Nursing students spent the first four months in Saskatoon receiving instruction in Social Sciences. In the late 1960s, a recommendation was made that nursing education should be disassociated from hospitals and responsibility for all nursing education passed to the Government of Saskatchewan. The nursing school closed in 1969 and the hospital continued to operate until September 1997. Approximately 698 nurses graduated from the school during its operation.

Directors of the Holy Family Hospital Nursing School were as follows: Sister M. Austin (Verrow), 1913-1918; Sister M. Katherine Mutter, 1918-1924; Sister M. Electa King, 1924-1927; Sister M. Symphorosa Tremblay, 1927-1945; Sister M. Irene, 1945-1953; Sister M. Germaine Kergoat, 1953-1960; Sister Rosarie Lundy, 1957-1963; Sister Jane Frances Rooney, 1960-1966; and Sister Anne Marie McGloan, 1966-1969.

The Capital (newspaper)

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  • May 1906- March 1912

The Capital began May 12, 1906 as a weekly publication owned by G.M. Thompson and C.E. Tyron. It became a daily issue in 1909 and changed ownership to W.F. Herman and Talmage Lawson in March of 1912 who then named it the Daily Star.

Daily Phoenix (newspaper)

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  • 1902 - 1928

The Daily Phoenix was started as Saskatoon's first printed newspaper, the Saskatoon Phenix on October 17, 1902 by the Norman brothers G. Wesley and Leonard. It was purchased by a company headed by Dr. J.H.C. Willoughby in 1905 and sold shortly after to J.A. Aiken who changed the name to The Daily Phoenix.

In the fall of 1918, Northern Publishers, a subsidiary of the Leader Publishing Company in Regina, bought the Daily Phoenix. On January 31, 1923 the Meilicke family who were shareholders in the Leader Publishing Company purchased both The Daily Star and The Daily Phoenix. Both publications were then sold to Clifford Sifton on January 1, 1928 and were amalgamated into one newspaper named the Star-Phoenix on September 12 of that year.

The Daily Star (newpaper)

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  • March 1912 - September 1928

On January 31, 1923 the Meilicke family who were shareholders in the Leader Publishing Company in Regina, purchased both The Daily Star and The Daily Phoenix. Both publications were then sold to Clifford Sifton on January 1, 1928 and were amalgamated into one newspaper named the Star-Phoenix on September 12 of that year.

Saskatoon StarPhoenix (newspaper)

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  • 1928-

The StarPhoenix daily newspaper was created on September 12, 1928, by the merger of the Saskatoon Daily Phoenix (1902) and Daily Star (1906) newspapers. From 1928-1996 it was owned by the Clifford Sifton family. From 1996-2000 it was owned by Hollinger Newspapers, and then by CanWest Global Communications until 2008, when it was acquired by Postmedia.

In its history the newspaper's title heading has appeared in various forms, including Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and Star Phoenix, but the current presentation is StarPhoenix.

Martin, Colleen

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  • [1967? - ]

Dielsen, Karen

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  • [1967? - ]

Bens, Susan

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  • [1967? - ]

Serson, Cherie

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  • [1967? - ]

Serson, Linda

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  • [1967? - ]

Proctor, Mr.

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  • [194-?]
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