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University of Saskatchewan. College of Medicine. Department of Physiology

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  • 1926-1951

Topics in human physiology first appeared at the University of Saskatchewan in 1914. They were initially presented in Pharmacy and Chemistry classes. The Department of Physiology was created in 1926 to meet the needs of the pre-medical students enrolled in the newly created School of Medical Sciences. With the opening of the College of Medicine the department took on the additional task of teaching Pharmacology, and from 1951 to 1969 was known as the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology. Although students in the health-related professions claim the bulk of teaching efforts, the Department prepares undergraduate students for graduation with General, Advanced, and Honours B.SC. degrees. The department maintains an active research program through which it offers training in physiology at the Master's, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral levels. Faculty also provides refresher courses for groups such as Physical Therapists, Optometrists, Pharmacists and hospital residents. The following have served as department head: J.M.D. Scott (1927-1930); J. Fiddles (1930-1946); L.B. Jaques (1946-1972); G.J. Millar (1972-1973); J.W. Phillis (1973-1982); M.M. McDuffie (Acting 1982-1984); M.M. McDuffie (1984-1989); J.A. Thornhill (1989- ).

University of Saskatchewan. Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Dean's Office

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Instruction in veterinary science commenced in the College of Agriculture as early as 1913 and an animal diseases laboratory was established in 1924. Discussions among officials of the prairie governments in 1944 and 1956 led to negotiations for a school to serve the western provinces. The University of Saskatchewan was selected as the site for a college in 1963. Teaching began in 1965. The following individuals have served as Dean: D.L.T. Smith (1963-1974); N.O. Nielsen (1975-1982); G.F. Hamilton (1983-1992); A. Livingston (1992-2002), Charles Rhodes (2002-2003 Acting, 2003-2010; Douglas Freeman (2010- ).

University of Saskatchewan. Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Department of Veterinary Physiological Sciences

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  • 1969-

Since 1969, the Department of Veterinary Physiological Sciences has provided undergraduate and graduate training in the function of the physiological systems of mammals, carried out basic and applied research, and provided analytical and diagnostic assistance to its clients through its three service labs. The following have served as head of the department: R.H. Dunlop (1967-1971); W.E. Roe (1971-1977); J.G. Manns (1977-1982); D.L. Hamilton (1982-1985); C.S. Sisodia (1985-1991); D.L. Hamilton (1991- ).

Lacalli, Thurston Castle, 1946-

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Thurston Castle Lacalli was born on 4 August 1946 in Seattle, Washington. He attended the University of Washington, graduating with a BSc in Chemistry in 1968. Lacalli accepted a fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge and stayed for one term, prior to enrolling at the University of British Columbia where he earned his PhD in Zoology in 1973. He had post-doctoral fellowships at McGill and UBC prior to accepting a position at the University of Saskatchewan in 1977. By 1985 he had been made a full professor. Lacalli has authored over 57 academic papers and has frequently been invited to give conference presentations regarding his work. He retired from the University in 2002.

University of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Horticultural Societies Association

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The Saskatchewan Horticultural Association was formed in 1927 with the objective of promoting "the interest of horticulture generally and horticultural societies particularly". The following year the provincial government passed the Horticultural Societies Act, giving the Extension Department responsibility for the general supervision of member societies. The department aided the societies with organization and training related to horticultural exhibitions, garden competitions, field days and demonstrations, home and town beautification, rural work and lectures on horticultural topics. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, the Professor of Horticulture, and the Director of Agricultural Extension at the University were appointed ex officio directors whose duties included attendance at the Annual and Board meetings, providing assistance to the elected officials, and the promotion and improvement of Horticulture. The Saskatchewan Horticultural Association was instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the provincial fruit (1942) and horticultural shows (1962).

Denham, Paul

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Paul Denham was a Professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan. He has a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Western Ontario and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

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