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United Church of Canada. Board of Women

  • SCAA-UCCS-0223
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1961–1972

The Board of Women became operational in 1961, as the Woman's Missionary Society was disbanded, with the goal of deepening women's knowledge of and participation in the mission of the Church. More specifically the Board was to supervise and promote the organization of women at the congregational, Presbytery and Conference levels through the development of the United Church Women. This included leadership development, mission, worship and development of resources such as Clip Sheet, an irregular issue-oriented publication, and reports from the Reading and Viewing Committee. In addition, the Outreach Committee attempted to inform women in the Church about social and economic issues affecting Canadian society including drug abuse, poverty, single parent families and native Canadians. In some fashion the Board revived aspects of the home mission activity of the Woman's Association, with committees on Christian Citizenship and Social Action, Community Friendship and Visitation, and Leadership Development.

The Board included a Chairman, Secretary and Associate Secretaries, as well as representatives of several Boards of the Church and of the Conference United Church Women. In 1964 the Board became part of the Division of Congregational Life and Work while maintaining its independence of action. The Board was was absorbed into the new Division of Mission in 1972. The Secretaries were Anne I. Ward, 1961-1969; and K. Harriet Christie, 1970-1972.

United Church of Canada. Board of Men

  • SCAA-UCCS-0224
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1954–1972

The Board of Men was established in 1954 as a successor to the National Committee of United Church Men, itself a successor to the Committee on Lay Activities. In 1964 the Board became part of the Division of Congregational Life and Work while maintaining its independence of action. It was absorbed into the Division of Mission in Canada in 1972.

Its purpose was to lead laymen into a deeper spiritual life and involvement with the Church's work and programmes. A main function was to promote the formation of men's groups, not only by working with existing United Church Men's clubs, fellowships, and brotherhoods in the pastoral charges, but also by working with newly created United Church Men's Councils at the Presbytery and Conference levels. The goal was to integrate all men's work programmes, in particular by bringing the Western Canada-based AOTS men's club movement fully into the Board structure. This was accomplished in stages: first by making the AOTS National Council a department of the Board (since 1952), then by changing this department into a more integrated National Association of United Church AOTS Men's Clubs in 1959, and finally by making this the Men's Club Committee (more directly responsible for all types of U.C. men's clubs) of the Board in 1964. The first National Conference of United Church Men was held in Muskoka, Ont., in 1953, and became an annual event; annual national conferences were also held in Western Canada (Banff) starting in 1955, and in Atlantic Canada from 1964. The Board had additional responsibilities for leadership development (Elders and Stewards Schools), "Christianity and Daily Work" concerns, and for producing pamphlets, booklets, national newsletters, and printed materials for Laymen's Sunday. It worked co-operatively with many Church departments and agencies, particularly in the areas of recruiting Church workers and lay employees, Boy's and Youth Work, the Lay School of Theology, Lay Foundations for assisting theological students, and Operation Crossroads Africa.

Secretaries of the Board were: Ralph C. Young, 1954-1961; Donald Cameron (Acting Secretary), 1961-1964; Ralph F. Wilson, 1965-1969; and Donald G. Smith (Associate Secretary), 1970-1972.

United Church of Canada. Division of Ministry, Personnel and Education

  • SCAA-UCCS-0227
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  • 1971–2001

The Division grew out of the Board of Colleges and an expanded vision of vocation in the church, and was established in 1971 to serve the personnel, educational and vocational needs of the Church. Of particular interest to the Division was the role of pastoral work, chaplaincy in institutions, continuing education for clergy and lay supplies, theological education, recruitment, summer supplies, and special training programmes.

Under the major reorganization of General Council units in 2001, the mandate of the Division of Ministry Personnel and Education was moved to two units: Faith Formation and Education (FFE) and Ministry and Employment Policy and Services (MEPS).

Harris family

  • SCAA-UCCS-0088
  • Família
  • 1865–19??

Oliver Harris (1837-1922) and Ann Francis (1844-1929?) were both born in Devonshire, England. Each sailed to Canada as children, with their families. They married in 1865, in Ontario. In 1882, they took their 6 children – including Lucy (1867-1930) and William F. "Fred" (1868-1950) – and moved to a homestead in the Brandon Hills area of Manitoba. Mr. Harris and his son Fred homesteaded again in 1890, near what became North Portal and Mrs. Harris and other family members joined them in 1893, including Eva (b.1884) and Ella (b.1887?), both born after the family settled in Manitoba. In 1905, Oliver and Ann Harris retired from the farm to the village of North Portal.

McDougall, John

  • SCAA-UCCS-0384
  • Persona
  • 1842–[1939?]

Miller, Thomas

  • SCAA-UCCS-0386
  • Persona
  • 1876–1945

Owens, W.T.

  • SCAA-UCCS-0393
  • Persona
  • [1882–1970]

Gravelbourg Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0204
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1925–

Gravelbourg Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925. Preaching points over time included Gravelbourg, Becker and Bolin, Bateman and Coderre (ca.1990), and Shamrock (ca.1990-2018, into which Coderre amalgamated, as of December 31, 1990).

Davidson-Girvin Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0451
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1925–

Davidson Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, part of Regina Presbytery. By 1951, preaching points included Davidson, Campbell and Girvin. (Girvin and Campbell school had previously been part of Girvin Pastoral Charge, from 1925.) The name changed to Davidson-Girvin Pastoral Charge around 1993.

Duff Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0490
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1989–2007

Duff Pastoral Charge was created July 1, 1989, from the division of Pheasant Creek Larger Parish (which also created Abernethy-Lemberg and Balcarres Pastoral Charges). Prior to this, the preaching point at Duff had been included in Balcarres Pastoral Charge (ca.1960s). Duff Pastoral Charge was officially closed June 30, 2007.

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