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Camp Outlook

  • SCAA-UCCS-0176
  • Corporate body

Camp Tapawingo

  • SCAA-UCCS-0177
  • Corporate body
  • 1948–

Davidson-Girvin Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0451
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–

Davidson Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, part of Regina Presbytery. By 1951, preaching points included Davidson, Campbell and Girvin. (Girvin and Campbell school had previously been part of Girvin Pastoral Charge, from 1925.) The name changed to Davidson-Girvin Pastoral Charge around 1993.

Drinkwater Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0498
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–19??

Drinkwater Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, as part of Moose Jaw Presbytery. Initially, the charge included preaching point at Drinkwater but by 1951 Belle Plaine was added and ca. 1962 Stoney Beach. The charge was later re-named Drinkwater - Stoney Beach Pastoral Charge. Around 1968, Drinkwater, Pense, Stoney Beach, Grand Coulee, Sherwood, and Richardson joined together to form the new Pense - Grand Coulee Pastoral Charge.

After the joint-charge was dissolved, Drinkwater joined with Pense to become Pense-Drinkwater Pastoral Charge, with preaching points at St. Andrew's (Pense) and Drinkwater. In 1994, Grand Coulee and Pense-Drinkwater Pastoral Charges amalgamated, as Plainsview Pastoral Charge. The points at Pense and Drinkwater both formally closed on June 30, 1998.

Duff Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0490
  • Corporate body
  • 1989–2007

Duff Pastoral Charge was created July 1, 1989, from the division of Pheasant Creek Larger Parish (which also created Abernethy-Lemberg and Balcarres Pastoral Charges). Prior to this, the preaching point at Duff had been included in Balcarres Pastoral Charge (ca.1960s). Duff Pastoral Charge was officially closed June 30, 2007.

Elrose Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0453
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–

Elrose Pastoral Charge was formed as a United Church charge in 1925, part of Kindersley Presbytery and containing Elrose and Hughton. By 1951, the charge was part of Rosetown Presbytery and the preaching point at Hester had been added.

Gravelbourg Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0204
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–

Gravelbourg Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925. Preaching points over time included Gravelbourg, Becker and Bolin, Bateman and Coderre (ca.1990), and Shamrock (ca.1990-2018, into which Coderre amalgamated, as of December 31, 1990).

Hafford Hospital

  • SCAA-UCCS-0160
  • Corporate body
  • ca.1922–1941

Hafford Hospital was first built around 1922, by the Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. The first superintendent was the Rev. G. Dorey, who would later become Moderator of the United Church of Canada (successor to the Methodist Church in Canada). Dr. S.M. Scott was the first doctor to serve the hospital, followed by Dr. Rose, who was later joined by Dr. Paulson. The Hafford Hospital Ladies Aid Society, formed 1924, was involved in raising money to support hospital activities. After financial difficulties in the 1930s, the hospital was eventually closed, in 1941, due to lack of funds.

In 1946, the R.M. of Redberry and the Village of Hafford bought the building and its equipment from the Missionary Society, then re-opened it as the Hafford Union Hospital.

Loreburn-Hawarden Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0436
  • Corporate body
  • ca.1962–2017

Loreburn-Hawarden Pastoral Charge was formed around 1962(?) from a combination of previous charges. Preaching points included Bonnie View, Elbow, Hawarden, Loreburn, Strongfield, and South Sask. River Development. As of January 1, 2017, Elbow amalgamated with Loreburn to become Elbow-Loreburn.

Ituna Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0461
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–ca.1960, 2000–

Hubbard Mission Field was formed as a new United Church field in 1925, as part of Abernethy Presbytery and consisting of Hubbard, Ituna, Wyber and Tullymeet appointments. In 1926, it was listed as an aid-receiving pastoral charge. As of 1951, Hubbard Pastoral Charge was being served by a student minister and consisted of Bon Accord, Hubbard, Ituna, and Wyber. Around the mid-1950s, it was renamed Ituna Pastoral Charge, part of Yorkton Presbytery, before it joined Kelliher Pastoral Charge, ca.1960. (The charge would be re-named Kelliher-Ituna Pastoral Charge by the 1990s.)

Ituna Pastoral Charge was re-established, on February 26, 2000, after Kelliher-Ituna Pastoral Charge was dissolved. (Kelliher also formed a separate charge, alongside Ituna.)

Grenfell Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0457
  • Corporate body
  • 1925–

Grenfell Pastoral Charge was formed as a United Church charge in 1925, part of Qu'Appelle Presbytery. By 1951, the charge consisted of preaching points at Grenfell, Kirkfield, Rillington, Tetlock, and Weldon. As of 1962, the charge only contained Grenfell and Summerberry. The preaching point at Summerberry closed December 31, 1984.

Kyle-Lacadena Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0465
  • Corporate body
  • ca.1966–

Kyle-Lacadena Pastoral Charge was formed around 1966, from a combination of Lacadena, Kyle and additional preaching points at White Bear and Sanctuary. The previous Lacadena Pastoral Charge had been formed between 1926 and 1951 (part of Rosetown Presbytery), with additional preaching points at White Bear and Tyner. The preaching point at Kyle was also formed in that period and was part of Tuberose Pastoral Charge (in Rosetown Presbytery), alongside points at Tuberose and Sanctuary, supplied by Elrose and Lacadena. Kyle Pastoral Charge was established around 1959, with an additional preaching point at Sanctuary.

Lacadena closed June 30, 2011.

New Venture Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0434
  • Corporate body
  • 1995–

New Venture Pastoral Charge was organized April 8, 1995, from the amalgamation of Aneroid Pastoral Charge and Cadillac-Neville-Vanguard Pastoral Charge. Early preaching points included: Aneroid; St. Paul's United, Cadillac; Glencaid United, Kincaid; St. Paul's United, Neville; Ponteix; and Vanguard. Neville closed June 30, 2008. Aneroid closed April 30, 2012. By 2018, only Kincaid and Ponteix remained in the charge.

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