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Methodist Church - Clergy√

Tufts, A.J.

  • SCAA-UCCS-0421
  • Person
  • 1867–1944

Thacker, P.I.

  • SCAA-UCCS-0420
  • Person
  • 1872–1964

Rundle, Robert Terrill

  • SCAA-UCCS-0151
  • Person
  • 1811–1896

Robert Terrill Rundle (1811-1896) was a Methodist missionary to northern and western Canada. He was born in Cornwall, England, converted to Methodism in his teens and became a lay preacher for the Wesleyan Methodist Church. He volunteered as a missionary to the Hudson's Bay Territory. He arrived at Norway House, Manitoba, in the summer of 1840 and at Fort Edmonton, Alberta, in the autumn of the same year; he led services in English and Cree. He produced literature in the Cree Syllabic, having learned it from Rev. James Evans. He left the mission in 1848 because of ill health; he served on English circuits until his retirement in 1887.

Norris, Frederick George

  • SCAA-UCCS-0095
  • Person
  • ca.1887–19?? [after 1920]

F.G. Norris was a Methodist, who was received (on trial) for ministry in Estevan, 1912. He studied at Wesley College (Winnipeg), from 1913 to 1915. He served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, from 1916 to 1919.

McLachlan, John

  • SCAA-UCCS-0385
  • Person
  • 1882–1964

John McLachlan was a Methodist and later United Church minister in Saskatchewan and Ontario. He was born and raised in the fishing village of Tarbet, Scotland. He immigrated to Canada, and was a probationer in Adanac, Saskatchewan, in 1909, before being ordained, in 1910. He studied at Wesley College, Winnipeg, 1911-1915, and served charges in Saskatchewan and Ontario until he retired in 1953.

Martin, Fred

  • SCAA-UCCS-0094
  • Person
  • 18??–1922

Fred Martin was a Methodist minister, who served in Saskatchewan at North Portal, Dinsmore, Piapot, and Swift Current. He was received on trial at North Portal in 1908 and attended Wesley College (Winnipeg), from 1909 to 1914, before being ordained in 1915. He was minister at Piapot (1916–1917) and supplied at Swift Current (1918–1921).

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