Automobiles - Antique and classic cars√



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Automobiles - Antique and classic cars√

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Automobiles - Antique and classic cars√

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Automobiles - Antique and classic cars√

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1918 490 Chevrolet

Six men stand around a 1918 490 Chevrolet car drinking beer. The car's windshield frame is being used as a bottle rack. A house with a stained glass window in the background.

Kunkel Collection

3 men, 1940's car

Standing beside a car of about 1940-era. L-R: Leslie Towns, Mr. Sheffield, Bill Wood in uniform. There is a 1940 or so era truck in the background. Buildings that could be a garage are at back of the photo.

Antique car on parade

An antique car with fabric top and white walled tires being driven by a man in early century clothing. Two women in the back seat are similarly dressed. The car, people, and street in Herschel are not identified.

Antique car with signs

Antique car with a small girl in a basket strapped to the hood holding a puppy. A sign on the car door reads "Support your local CPR and Herschel and District Credit Union." The parade is in Herschel. The former RM of Mountain View office is in the background.

Brookside Farm

The Brookside Farm farmhouse with Mr. Patterson, Archie Butlin, Fred Young, Bill Tate, Bill Fell and his son outside among the horses and a car.

Brookside Farm house

The house and driveway of Brookside Farm (the Patterson family) surrounded by trees, two men standing on the far right. The man in the white is likely W.R Patterson.

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