Fundo MG 110.2 - CUPE 2 - Local 1975, University of Saskatchewan Employees' Union

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CUPE 2 - Local 1975, University of Saskatchewan Employees' Union

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MG 110.2

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  • 1975-1992 (Produção)

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7m of textual records

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After a strike in 1974, the University of Saskatchewan Employees' Union (Local 54, Canadian Labour Congress) was reborn as CUPE Local 1975 in October 1975. Since joining CUPE the Local has undergone an internal evolution as new sectional groups, such as the Library, have begun to play an active role equal to the founding physical plant group. While no other strike has followed, use of the grievance procedure and committee activity has dramatically increased. CUPE 1975 also plays a leading role in the Saskatchewan trade union movement. This is in keeping with the fact that 1975's 1800 members, plus 400 in Regina, represents the single largest union local in the province. Some other general features should be noted about CUPE 1975. In 1975 University of Regina support staff were awarded sublocal status by CUPE. The result is a parallel set of union structures on the Regina campus and a Joint Council Executive Board to coordinate the two support staff groups. Also, with the tendency to cutbacks and privatization in the 1980s, groups who received wages and benefits patterned on CUPE 1975, such as janitors and student workers at the Student Union building (Place Riel) and cooks, waitresses, bartenders, and caretakers at the Faculty Club, have formalised this practice by becoming members of CUPE 1975 and signing contracts with their respective employers. In the case of the Prairie Swine Centre, members of CUPE 1975 have found themselves outside the bargaining unit with a change of employer and have had to negotiate a new and independent collective agreement. For reasons of job security, however, they have chosen to remain as members of CUPE 1975, like the larger example of University of Regina support staff. 1975-1 has also been affected by privatization with a separate sublocal of food service workers organised in 1992.

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This fonds contains, minutes, correspondence, case files, newsletters, financial records, and reference materials used in the organisation and administration of CUPE 1975.

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CUPE sousfonds 2 is organised hierarchically by union authority files, executive, committees, rank and file, and reference areas, into twenty four series. They are: Constitution and Bylaws, Collective Agreements, Certification and Arbitrations, Sub-Locals, General Membership Meetings, Executive Board (in three subseries), Secretary Treasurer (Finances), Joint Council Executive Board (of CUPE 1975 and CUPE 1975-1 [Regina]), Negotiating Committee, Grievance Committee, Union-Management Committee, Education Committee, Strike Support Committee, Skopein (Newsletter), Non Academic Fringe Benefits Committee, Social Committee, Parking Committee, Status of Women Committee, Job Evaluation Committee, Rehabilitation Committee, VDT Committee, Shop Stewards Committee, Rank and File Groups, Reference Materials. There are also three sous-sous fonds within the CUPE 1975 sousfonds, i.e., three bargaining units whose members belong to the Saskatoon campus local but whose contracts are with other employers. These are: the Place Riel group (employees of the Place Riel Society, responsible for administering the physical assets of the University of Saskatchewan Student Union - USSU)[Series 4], organised in 1982; Faculty Club group (employees of the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Club), organised in 1989; and the Prairie Swine Centre group, organised in 1992. These potential sous-sous fonds have been arranged as Series 4.

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There are no restrictions with the exception of the Grievance series.

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Grievance case files must be quoted without using names or identifying information.

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Finding aid: series with selective file level descriptions.

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Related material: For related certification and bargaining records see University of Saskatchewan. Office of the President.

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