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Richard Burke fonds

  • SCM-RG-0016
  • Fonds
  • 1927 - 1972

The fonds, related to the 16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse and William W. Cooper, were accumulated by the source.

The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:

A.2003.10 (William W. Cooper)

Folder #1:
address book of customers, ca. 1967;
shares of the WW Cooper store, issued to W.W. Cooper, 1927;
Cooper's Store News issues: March & April 1924; September & October 1924; Christmas 1924 (2 copies); January 1925; February 1925 (3 copies); March 1925; June 1925; July 1925; October 1925; January 1926; February 1926; Summer 1933; Christmas 1948 (3 copies);
Cooper's Anniversary News, June 1933 (6 copies);
"The North West Mounted Police - The Winning of the West" (5 pages)

Folder #2 (documents pertaining to W.W. Cooper's visit to Russia in 1931):
poster for a talk on Russia given by WW Cooper;
booklet, "Intimate Impressions of Russia Discussed in a Lecture by W.W. Cooper" (6 copies);
notes for a speech on Russia;
newspaper clippings, re: Russia, communism;
correspondence, re: First United Church's 60th Anniversary in 1972, along with ribbon, list of congregation members and photo #1: members of the First United Church congregation in the church, 1972;
City of Swift Current tax notice, 1935;
speech from Mrs. W.W. Cooper to the Women's Missionary Society of the Metropolitan Church, upon her birthday, 1923;
employee newsletter, "The Cooperator", November 1948;
letters from W.W. Cooper's grandsons (Alfred Cooper's sons) Bill and Peter, 1962;
correspondence with W.A. Bingham, re: oil burners, 1929

Folder #3:
Honorary Address to Mr. W.W. Cooper from the staff on the occasion of the store's 40th Birthday, June 4, 1943" (signed by all staff members)

Folder #4 (newspapers):
Cooper's Anniversary News, June 1933;
excerpt from The Sun, February 4,1953 (article on the purchase of the W.W. Cooper store by Pioneer Co-Op);
The Sun, October 27,1948 (article on the death of William Wesley Cooper)

Envelope #1:
essay by Phoebe Matthie, "The W.W. Cooper Memorial Scholarship Committee";
grades for Phoebe Matthie from the University of Saskatchewan, 1952;
photos #2 - #7, re: Phoebe Matthie's photographs from the University of Saskatchewan

Envelope #2:
personal correspondence addressed to Gordon Cooper, the son of W.W. Cooper, 1933 to 1962, including a marriage announcement for Gordon and Dorothy Wilkins, 1933;
postcards from their daughter Colleen in 1962;
various letters from friends and relatives;
photographs #8 - #10: unidentified individuals at an outdoor reception, perhaps a wedding; #11: two unidentified women sitting on a couch; #12 - #15: a family at Easter in 1983, Robert, Audrey (mother and father), Carissa Dawn and Christopher Robert (daughter and son) and an older women referred to as "myself"; #16: a family in Christmas of 1982, Robert, "myself", Donald and Gerald; #17 - #19: unidentified individuals; #20: W.W. (William Wesley) Cooper taken October 1923; Programs for the 5th annual and the 11th annual W.W. Cooper Co. banquet

Envelope #3:
handwritten document about trip to Hudson's Bay and Churchill, Manitoba, August 6 - 11 1947 (author unknown, likely W.W. Cooper, 10 pages);
"Canadian National Railways (Western Region) Passenger Traffic Department North of 54" (20 pages);
photos #21 - #64, photos and postcards from northern communities ( e.g. Flin Flon and Churchill, Manitoba), including people, sled dogs and seal hunting;
brochure for a CPR holiday that involves travel from Regina, Saskatchewan to Churchill, Manitoba and back to Regina, SK;
newsletter: "Eskimo" from Churchill, MB, June 1947, published by the Oblate Fathers of the Hudson Bay Vicariate

Volume #1: "Bylaws of Unity Chapter No. 10" Royal Arch Masons
Volume #2: "Constitution of the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan", 1929
Volume #3: "Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan"
Volume #4: "Constitution and By-Laws" for Swift Current Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows
Volume #5: "Swift Current Lodge No. 26 Bylaws", Masons
Volume #6: Financial statement, W.W. Cooper Store, "Report on Accounts For the year ended January 31, 1935"
Volume #7: Cooper Store News, 1919 - 1931
Volume #8: Cooper Store News, 1932 - 1952

A.2003.11 (16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse)

  • Order papers for 7th Calvary Brigade, Dundurn;1938
  • Court Inquiry, Capt. Cooper
  • Order papers (camp daily orders), Dundurn; July 1939
  • Order papers (camp daily orders), Dundurn; July 1940
  • Administration instructions, Dundurn;1939
  • Tactical Exercises, Dundurn;1939
  • Standing orders, Dundurn;1939
  • Memo on judging efficiency
  • Photographs and correspondence

William Van Allen fonds

  • SCM-RG-0081
  • Fonds
  • 1910 - 1933

The fonds, related to the William Van Allen, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:

Seven boxes of personal and financial documents:

Series 1: Personal papers, July 1919 – August 1920
Series 2: Personal papers; receipts and financial correspondence, ca.1922 – ca.1925
Series 3: Personal papers, correspondence, receipts, newspaper clippings, January 1, 1924 – ca. 1930
Series 4: Personal papers, receipts, correspondence, documents, ca.1914 – ca.1921, fl. 1919-21
Series 5: Personal papers, miscellaneous, ca. 1930
Series 6: Personal papers, correspondence, re: Liberal Party of Canada, ca.1910 – ca.1923
Series 7: Personal papers, correspondence, re: Farmers National Party, Maple Creek, June 1919 – July 1921

Series 8:
Discrete Volume 1: Portfolio For Attestations or Conduct Sheets
Folder Labeled 1916:
-primarily correspondence related to the development of William Van Allen's military career after returning from France
-letter to Minster of Militia and Defence, from William Van Allen, re: raising a battalion in the Swift Current region
-correspondence, re: William Van Allen's return to Canada in 1916, from Canadian Expeditionary Force
-correspondence, re: Mechanical Transport, as William Van Allen was Officer i/c Mechanical Transport
-correspondence, re: Horse Transport
-remittance from Smyth & Begg Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, etc.
-letter from Liberal Party
-documents, re: Convention Committee, Cypress Constituency
-correspondence, re: Forestry Battalions
-correspondence, re: William Van Allen enlisting Cavalrymen for the Canadian Cavalry Brigades in France
-clipped packet titled: "Information Regarding The Personnel of the 100th Squadron Canadian Remount Depot"., pages of names and next of kin information
-Nominal Roll of Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and men of the Canadian Squadron No. 3, Base Remount Depot, Dieppe
-Wine Card for Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Ocean Services
-correspondence, re: straw for sale
-several letters of introduction for William Van Allen, re: getting reinforcements for the Forestry Battalion
Summary: the letters in this folder chart William Van Allen's return from France in 1916, and his work recruiting Cavalry in the southwest Saskatchewan region.

Folder Labeled 1917:
-postcard with a photo of Camp Hughes (Manitoba), “my tent” and an arrow is drawn on the front, the back reads “Mademoiselle Vivian Van Allen” and “Ma Petite Canadien”
-Militia Orders from Ottawa, July 16, 1917
-Militia Orders from Ottawa, June 26, 1917
-correspondence, re: Transfer to 230th Forestry Battalion
-correspondence, re: William Van Allen organizing and raising a battalion
-correspondence, re: Forestry Battalion Draft and 230th Battalion, men who would join the former but not the latter, was a source of tension
-resignation letter from William Van Allen from the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF)
-correspondence, re: reinforcing company commanded by William Van Allen
-correspondence, re: claims for traveling expenses
-Canadian Pacific Telegram, to William Van Allen, re: Liberal candidates
-Militia Orders from Ottawa, June 12, 1917
-Militia Orders from Ottawa, June 1, 1917
-2 photographs of William Van Allen, 1917
-correspondence, re: movement of the Forestry Draft overseas
-newspaper clipping, re: Forestry Reinforcements winning the Major Hughes Cup
-cheque from the Bank of France
-correspondence, re: leave of absence
Summary: most of this correspondence is about William Van Allen's work recruiting a Forestry Battalion to be sent over seas, the tension caused when members of this Battalion do not want to be members of the 230th Forestry Battalion (unsure why), and his resignation from the CEF.

Folder Labeled 1918:
-chart listing the assets and liabilities of William Van Allen, 1921-23
-Bill of Sale for “good and chattels” from William Sydney Van Allen (father) to William Van Allen
-correspondence, re: stores of 'B' Squadron
-miscellaneous letters addressed to William Van Allen, from The Canadian Liberal Monthly, Legislative Assembly, ?? signature of Wilfred Laurier ??, Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, mostly vis-à-vis the Liberal party
-article from the Military Gazette, February 12, 1918, entitled "The Mental Crucifixion of Officers: The Government Should Act"
-certificate entitling William Van Allen to wear a War Service Badge, letter regarding it
-certificate certifying that William Van Allen resides in Shaunavon, and was registered for National Purposes June 22, 1918

Folder Labeled 1921-22:
-correspondence, re: bar-V-bar brand
-correspondence, re: Mons Star medal
-correspondence, re: organization of the militia in the Shaunavon region
-correspondence, re: a new Commission of the Peace, and Oaths of Allegiance
-William Van Allen’s resignation as secretary-treasurer of the Rural Municipality of White Valley
-correspondence, re: House of Commons candidate Neil McTaggart
-correspondence, re: Grain Growers Association

Folder Labeled 1923:
-documents, re: 14th CLH (7th Mounted Brigade), names of officers
-newspaper clipping, re: standing of Wheat Pool in each Constituency
-invitation to 'C' Squadron Banquet
-two letters recommending William Van Allen to positions if they become available

Folder Labeled 1930:
-newspaper clippings, re: 14CLH issues and events in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
-other clippings, re: horse breeding, and 14CLH in general
-photograph from 1930, the unidentified individuals
-invitation for dinner and military ball
-obituary for William Van Allen’s mother, Rosa
-photograph of 6 men, William Van Allen is second from the right
-correspondence, re: a new Commission of the Peace, and Oaths of Allegiance
-poster for Hunter and Saddle Horse Meetings, William Van Allen is a speaker
-poster for Notice of Grant for a Poll, for Maple Creek Electoral Riding
-correspondence, re: C.A.F. Long Service medal
-Saskatchewan Liberal Association membership card
-correspondence from Cavalry Camp at Dundurn, Saskatchewan
-photograph, 14th CLH at Burdick Camp, 1929
-2 photographs taken at a military camp, men wearing CLH hat badges
-photograph of two rows of men in civilian dress, CLH officers
-photograph of men in military uniforms at a formal banquet, 1931
-program and ticket for Canadian Cavalry Association Annual Dinner in Montreal, 1931
-photograph of a line of men on horseback in civilian dress
-2 photographs of cars parked next to tents
-photograph of a house, tents pitched next to it
-photograph of a ranch
-documents, re: Militia Staff Course for William Van Allen, evaluation
-invitation to supper at Provincial Exhibition, Regina, Saskatchewan
-Saskatchewan Liberal Association membership card
-ribbon from Provincial Liberal Convention in 1931
-newspaper clipping, re: Officers of Association Opposing Compulsory Pool, 1931
-picture of William Lyon MacKenzie King
-letter from a Liberal MP in Eastend, Saskatchewan
-other miscellaneous correspondence to/from William Van Allen

Folder Labeled 1925:
-letter from the Federal Appeal Board, re: William Van Allen’s claim against the Department of National Defense
-obituary for William Van Allen's father
-correspondence, re: reorganization of reserve regiment, 14CLH
-correspondence, re: William Van Allen’s promotion to commander of 'C' Squadron
-correspondence, re: a new Commission of the Peace, and Oaths of Allegiance, 1927

Folder Labeled 1928:
-newspaper clippings entitled (excerpt)-'Service Men and Military Titles' and 'The Misfortune of Sectional Misunderstandings'
-sample of the letterhead used by the Farmers National Party between 1919 and 1928
-invitation to 'B' Squadron’s Annual Concert and Smoker
-invitation to 'A' Squadron’s Ball and Supper
-attestation card for Non-Permanent Active Militia of Canada, for William Van Allen’s son, born 1914

Folder Labeled 1929:
-photograph, men in military uniform sitting for the photo, William Van Allen is in the third row, third from the left, photo by W.J. Oliver (perhaps of the militia staff course)
-correspondence re: regimental funds for 'C' Squadron
-program/menu for a dinner at the Militia Staff Course, 1929
-correspondence, re: Militia Staff Course, William Van Allen passing

Folder Labeled 1931:
-correspondence, re: badges
-correspondence between William Van Allen and Major E.A. Devitt
-brief historical sketch of the 4th Hussars of Canada
-song lyrics from annual dinner at Officer’s Mess
-Militia Orders from Ottawa, September 23, 1931
-newspaper clipping, re: career of William Van Allen, mentions that he was appointed second in command of the 14CLH in 1929, and fully in command in 1930

Folder Labeled 1932:
-newspaper clipping from Shaunavon Standard, September 8, 1932
-postcard of “The Keep, or General View of Sandgate Castle”, built 1539-40, in England

Folder Labeled 1933:
-newspaper clipping from Regina Leader Post, 'Ask Grant For Horse Breeding Be Continued'
-photograph of William Van Allen and an unidentified man in front of a tent, printed in Regina, 1932

Folder Labeled 1915 (or “1912 –“):
-nominal roll of men who wish to transfer from 6th Fort Garry Horse to the Canadian Remount Depot
-correspondence between CEF and Canadian Remount Depot
-photo of three men on horses, (L to R) William Van Allen, Lieut. Col. Henrix, and Quarter Master Dyer
-correspondence, re: withdrawing Canadian Remount personnel from Dieppe (2 copies)
-clipped packed titled 'Information Regarding the Personnel of the 100th Squadron Canadian Remount Depot', list of names and next of kin
-document titled 'Canadian Expeditionary Force/2nd Divisional Remount Depot/Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men'
-3 Christmas cards from 14CLH
-document titled Annual Drill Pay-List of B Squadron 27th L.H. at Sewell Camp, MB
-correspondence, re: examination of overseas contingent
-travel documents, receipts and telegrams (related to overseas contingent?)
-invitation to Annual 4th Hussars of Canada Dinner
-correspondence, re: transfers of clothing and equipment in 'B' Squadron to Lieut. T. Francis
-correspondence, re: transfers of clothing and equipment in 'B' Squadron from WVA to Lieut. T.W. Hutcheson
-correspondence, re: cleaning of rifles
-correspondence, re: Austrian reservists drifting out of the country
-documents, re: classification of remounts
-correspondence, re: financial deficiencies for 'B' Squadron
-receipts for Empress Hotel, Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: shortages in supplies
-correspondence, re: lost horse
-Nominal Roll of 'B' Squadron, 27 Light Horse
-correspondence, re: 27LH volunteers
-receipt from Hotel Kennedy
-correspondence, re: 1911 census
-2 receipts from Laughlin & Eckert, Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
-daily orders, August 19, 1914
-letter from Moose Jaw law firm, 1910
-correspondence, re: Liberals of Gull Lake, Liberal Party
-correspondence, re: application for promotion to rank of Major, denied
-photograph of Remount Depot, 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force
-photo of William Van Allen, as a Captain, on a postcard
-paybook for use on active service
-photograph of William Van Allen and an unidentified man, on a postcard, sign in photo reads “Capt. Van Allen/Adjutant/Canadian Remount Depot”
-2 postcards of France, sent to Canada in 1915
-newspaper clipping, re: William Van Allen promoted to Major in Remount Dept.
-correspondence, re: Hautot Base Remount Depot, 1915
-correspondence, re: return of Canadian Remounts from France, as well as horses
-correspondence, re: Colt revolvers, woolen gloves
-correspondence, re: subsistence allowance claims for Officers
-document titled 'Orders By Lieut. Col. Wm. Hendrie, Commandant, Hautot Base Remount Depot', 1915

Series 9:
Discrete Volume 2: untitled
Clipped packet, untitled
-documents, re: cash prize for best Calvary horse, 1931

Clipped packet titled: Cav. Assns. 1930-31
-correspondence between Canadian Cavalry Association and 14th CLH, 1930
-program for the general meeting of the Canadian Cavalry Association, October1930
-documents pertaining to a competition to support “the raising of a good type of cavalry horse in Canada”, several Canadian Calvary regiments involved
-individual members of the Canadian Calvary Association, 1930-31
-report of Honourary Secretary from the Canadian Calvary Association, 1930-31
-correspondence between William Van Allen and The United States Calvary Association, 1930, re: journal subscription
-letter from CCA congratulating William Van Allen on his promotion to O.C. of the 14th CLH
-letter, re: Saskatchewan Cavalry Assoc. trophy
-letter, re: funding for Militia training during the depression
-correspondence between William Van Allen and Major E. A. Devitt, honourary secretary of the CCA
-financial statement – Officer’s Mess – Fourth Hussars of Canada – 1st July 1930 to 1st August 1931
-correspondence, re: Merritt Cup competition
-pamphlet on CCA prize competitions, 1931
-scores from Merritt Cup competition
-pamphlet, re: CCA resolutions (rules), 1931

Clipped packet, untitled
-letter, re: annual training, 1931-32, cash prizes for Cavalry
-Dominion Department of Agriculture Remount Competition
-correspondence between William Van Allen and Mayor of Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, re: accommodations for tactical exercise at Gull Lake
-other correspondence, re: tactical exercise at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
-Merritt Challenge Cup results for 14 CLH, 1931
-documents, re: Sports Day at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, 1931
-Regimental Orders for 14th CLH, from William Van Allen
-bill of lading for supplies, 1931
-correspondence, re: staff ride for 14CLH officers
-correspondence, re: funding for 1931 Militia training
-correspondence, re: exercise at William Van Allen’s home, May 1931

Clipped packet titled: Royal School 1927-31
-correspondence, re: Royal School of Cavalry (RSC), Camp Hughes, MB
-documents, re: training at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, 1928
-applications to attend RSC
-correspondence, re: formation of a provisional School of Cavalry at Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
-letter, re: Dr. I. B. Noble (veterinarian) attending a course at RCS
-correspondence, re: attendance, and candidates for attendance, at the RCS

-documents, re: Royal Schools of Instruction (syllabus, info re: clothing, books, etc.)

Clipped packet titled: Cadets 27-28
-letter, re: affiliation between cadets of Swift Current, Maple Creek, and Shaunavon, Saskatchewan with 14CLH

Clipped packet, untitled
-letter, re: rifle safety procedures
-letter, re: recent exercise in Regina, 1931
-miscellaneous letters from William Van Allen, many regarding a staff training course, a tactical exercise at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan September 1931, training in general.

Clipped packet titled: A.G. 1930-31
-correspondence, re: Dundurn Camp, 1930
-correspondence, re: promotions
-correspondence, re: store shortages (theft?)
-correspondence, re: visitors from Regina headquarters to Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: Long Service medal
-correspondence, re: safety precautions
-correspondence, re: attestation cards

Loose leaf document, re: Annual Training, 1931-32, 14 CLH

Clipped packet titled: C – 1926
-Annual Drill Pay-List of 14th CLH C. Squadron at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
-expense claim form
-other financial information from 'C' Squadron

Clipped packet titled: C – 1927
-correspondence, re: finding a new squadron commander for 'C' squad, discussion of William Van Allen as a replacement for Capt. Trangsrud who cannot continue as squadron leader, owing to ill health.
-references to Squadron 'C'’s 1926 financial statement
-documents, re: transference of Squadron leader from Trangsrud to Van Allen (financial info, transfer of stores, etc.)
-document, re: 14CLH boxing bout

Clipped packet titled: C – 1928 – 29- 30
-documents with receipts and expenses
-correspondence, re: financial statement
-correspondence, re: Regimental funds, 1929
-handwritten letter to William Van Allen, re: application to Royal School

Clipped packet titled: C – 1931
-correspondence, re: Small Arms School
-correspondence, re: safety precautions
-correspondence, re: attestation cards
-correspondence, re: Trooper G. Begg attending a camp
-correspondence, re: Corp. D.W.L. Greenlay, and failed examinations
-other miscellaneous correspondence from 1931, 'C' Squadron

Clipped packet titled: B 1927
-correspondence, re: injured trooper William MacKay and compensation
-correspondence, re: Strength Return for Half Year Ending June 30, 1927
-Cash Debit / 'C' Vouchers
-correspondence, re: Squadron 'B' of the 14CLH
-correspondence, re: command of the 'B' Squadron, pertaining specifically to Capt. H.B. Sills and Capt. Sharpe
-correspondence, re: transfers of stores
-correspondence, re: Officers who require waivers
-correspondence ,re: Annual Inspection and Classification of Signallers
-documents, re: Royal School of Cavalry
-letter, re: 25 pairs of breeches, Squadron 'B' Clothing
-correspondence, re: Horse Board
-correspondence, re: Provisional school at Swift Current, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: annual inspection of arms, clothing and equipment
-correspondence, re: Squadron 'B' regimental funds

Clipped packet titled: B 1928
-correspondence, re: repairs to Sports Cup, and receipt from Park Hardware, Swift Current, SK
-correspondence, re: Long Service Medals
-correspondence, re: A/Cpl R.R. Scott, medical information
-correspondence, re: Royal School of Cavalry at Calgary, AB
-financial information re: 'B' Squadron
-correspondence, re: Cpl Harry Wilson, medical information, reimbursed for $5.40
-correspondence, re: supplies (saddles, guns and ammunition)
-correspondence, re: service rolls
-correspondence, re: Long Service Medal
-correspondence, re: Military Ball
-correspondence, re: dress regulations
-correspondence, re: rental of Armoury
-correspondence, re: Regimental Badge

Clipped packet titled: B 1929
-correspondence, re: Regimental Ball
-correspondence, re: discharge of Sgt. Shorting
-correspondence, re: Efficiency Cup
-correspondence, re: Annual Training, 1929
-correspondence, re: visit from Lt. Col. Greenlay to Swift Current, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: regimental ties
-correspondence, re: visit from the Governor General
-correspondence, re: camp at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1929
-correspondence, re: Pilot Officer H.R. Carefoot
-other miscellaneous correspondence

Clipped packet titled: B 1930
-documents, re: discharge of A/Sgt. H.R. Carefoot

Clipped packet titled: B 1931
-correspondence, re: treatment of correspondence
-financial information from the Regiment
-correspondence, re: provisional appointment of Captain J.H. Sills as head of the 'B' Squadron
-correspondence, re: Small Arms School at Scarcee
-correspondence, re: promotion of NCOs
-correspondence, re: attestation cards
-correspondence, re: safety precautions
-correspondence, re: oaths of allegiance
-correspondence, re: Regimental Sports Cup competition at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: Gen. Tuxford as honourary Lt. Col.
-correspondence, re: promotion of Acing Sergeant E.F. Lindstrom
-correspondence, re: attendance at Royal School of Cavalry

Clipped packet titled: A – 1927
-Capt. M.J. Graham is captain of the 'A' Squadron
-correspondence, re: inspection of clothing and equipment
-correspondence, re: Capt. M.J. Graham’s transfer to reserve regiment
-correspondence, re: provisional school in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: successor to Capt. M.J. Graham as commander of 'A' Squadron, recommendation for Lieut. W.E. Jefferson
-correspondence, re: transference of command of 'A' Squadron from Capt. M.J. Graham to Lieut. W.E. Jefferson

Clipped packet titled: A – 1928
-correspondence, re: transference of command of 'A' Squadron from Capt. M.J. Graham to Lieut. W.E. Jefferson, including transference of stores, training manuals and administrative books, finances
-correspondence between Jefferson and Greenlay, regarding 'A' Squadron
-correspondence, re: Canadian Pattern Saddles
-correspondence, re: caretaker of the Maple Creek Armoury
-correspondence, re: Service Rolls
-correspondence, re: Lieut. Beesley as acting officer in charge of the Maple Creek Armoury, in Jefferson’s stead

Clipped packet titled: A – 1929
-correspondence, re: Lieut. Beesley as acting officer in charge of the Maple Creek Armoury, in Jefferson’s stead
-correspondence, re: financial statements, finances, of 'A' Squadron, 1928-29
-correspondence, re: camp at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: medical certificate
-correspondence, re: trouble with Lieut. Beesley
-miscellaneous correspondence regarding 'A' Squadron, and Jefferson
-correspondence, re: dance at Swift Current and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
-correspondence, re: retirement of unqualified officers

Clipped packet titled: A – 1931
-correspondence, re: transfer of Lieut. Beesley to the 2nd Reserve Regiments
-correspondence, re: attestation cards
-correspondence, between Jefferson and William Van Allen, re: operations of the Squadrons
-correspondence, re: candidates for the Royal School of Cavalry

Series 10:
Discrete Volume 3: Scrapbook
-clippings, re: William Van Allen, life, career and death
-photograph of Officers of the 14 CLH, with names
-photograph of William Van Allen
-document titled “Inward Movement Of Troops To Dundurn Camp”
-letters, re: William Van Allen’s troop’s journey from BC to Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
-newspaper clippings about William Van Allen; 16/22 Saskatchewan Horse Regiment; Saskatchewan Horse Regiment in Niagara-on-the Lake. 1941
-photograph of William Van Allen in military dress, unit marching, tents in a camp (all likely taken at Niagara camp)
-composite photographs of Officers of the 16/22 SHR, with names
-clippings, re: transference of SHR from Weyburn to Vancouver
-photograph of William Van Allen, Miss Mary Forbes-Reid, and Major J.D. Smith
-photograph of William Van Allen and a woman, perhaps his wife (Vivian?)
-clippings, re: Mrs. T. O. Turner, president of women’s auxiliary
-pamphlets from events while 16/22SH were in Sherbrooke, Quebec
-clippings, re: 16/22SH in Sherbrooke, Quebec
-clippings, re: 16/22SH in Vancouver, Nanaimo
-photograph of William Van Allen and 3 other officers playing cards
-photograph of William Van Allen and a woman on the steps of “The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa” building
-article titled “And They Played The Van Allen March” (bagpipe song named after him)
-clippings, re: 16/22SH involvement in World War II
-clippings, re: 16/22SH in Ottawa
-clipping titled “Saskatchewan’s Horseless Horse ‘Travellingest’ Unit in Canada”
-clippings, re: 16/22SH’s traveling to different stations in Canada
-photographs of a regiment with bagpipes
-clippings, re: William Van Allen’s retirement
-certificate from Climax Board of Trade, Climax Saskatchewan
-nominal roll titled “Record of Men and Women Who Served In War – 1939-1945 from Shaunavon District”
-nominal roll titled “20 Army Tank Regt. (16/22 Sask Horses) Disbursement”
-certificate for the 50th Anniversary for the 14CH, April 1, 1910 to April 1, 1960