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Apenas descrições de nível superior Southwest Saskatchewan Writers Project Gowan, Shann Saskatchewan
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Shann Gowan fonds

  • SCM-RG-0071
  • Fundo
  • ? - 2005-06-01

The fonds, related to the Southwest Saskatchewan Writers Project, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:
-33 master stencil posters designed by Shann Gowan to advertise literary cafes in the 1990s.
Linda Spalding - May 18 1994
Margaret Sweatman and Terry Jordan, April 28 1993
The Cracked Wheat Cake, September 29 1992
Barbara Klar, November 30, 1993
Writers' Workshop, may 29 1993
Paris or Somewhere, by Lee Gowan, February 17 1995
Lorna Crozier and Gary Hyland, November 8 1996
Elizabeth Phillips, Susan Andrews Grace and Jonathan Livingston Clark, May 8 1996 (2 copies)
Mary Howes and Steve Noyes, June 24 (no year)
Joe Rosenblatt and Lee Gowan, May 16 1997
Sean Virgo and Arthur Slade, March 29 1996
Don Gayton and Thelma Poirier, February 26 1993
Dave Margoshes, Sean Virgo, and Dianne Warren, May 28 1993
Suzanne Longbottom and Craig Grant, February 18 1994
Terry Jordan and Elsa Ellis, October 1 1993
Alphonse Gerwing and Terry Jordan, November 25 1994
Gertrude Story and Steve Noyes, April 8 1995
Fred Wah, Jacob Fehr and Norman Krell, January 27 1995
John Clark and Tillen Bruce, December 15 1995
David Brownbridge, Elsa Ellis, Lee Gowan, Judy Nelson, Marg Wiebe, October 14 1994
Byrna Barclay and WIlliam Klebeck, April 19 1996
Anne Szumigalski, Anthea Loran, Tim Kalinowski and Jeannette Unger, January 26 1996
Armin Wiebe and Lee Gowan, October 20 1995
Chris Fisher, December 11 1992
Lee Gowan, October 26 1991
Jane Urquhart and Terry Jordan, November 4 1993
Susan Musgrave and M.A.C. Farrant, September 13 1996
Lorna Crozier, Shelley Leedahl, Ron Welgan, David Brownbridge and Lew Birks, May 28 1995
John B. Lee and Allison Muri, January 24 (no year)
Nick Avis and Randall Maggs, November 22 1995
Sharon Butala and Tim Lilburn, February 25 1995
Brian Brett and Susan Andrews Grace, March 21 (no date)

Southwest Saskatchewan Writers Project