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Moose Jaw Agricultural Society fonds

  • MJ-092
  • Fonds
  • 1884-1993

This fonds consists of six series comprising the business, activities, and history of the Moose Jaw Agricultural Society from its beginning in 1884 to its disbanding in 1992. It contains minutes, financial papers, reports and publicity. There are photographs of persons and events over the years, as well as photographs and slides of the 100th anniversary celebrations held in 1984. There is information from and about the several affiliate organizations of the Moose Jaw Agricultural Society.

Moose Jaw Agricultural Society

Cosmo Drama Club fonds

  • MJ-176
  • Fonds
  • 1991-2007

This fonds reflects the activities of the Cosmo Drama Club. It is comprised of three series: general business records, scrapbooks, and skits and workshops. It includes financial records, such as receipts and account balances, meeting minutes, memorabilia, skit scripts and an audiocassette of a workshop.

Cosmo Drama Club

Ross Thatcher fonds

  • MJ-178
  • Fonds
  • 1957

This fonds contains correspondence between C.S. McLean and Ross Thatcher in 1957. Mrs. C.S. McLean sent a letter of thanks regarding Thatcher’s remarks at a recent debate. Thatcher responded to the letter with appreciation for her remarks.

Thatcher, Ross

Bill and Ann Heselton collection

  • MJ-187
  • Collection
  • [195-?]-2012

This fonds reflects the research conducted by Bill and Anne Heselton about the Moose Jaw Electric Railway, Benjamin de Forest “Pat” Bayly, The Empress of Ireland, and Moose Jaw Transit.

Heselton, Bill and Ann

Charles Hayter fonds

  • MG 404
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1880-2006]

The fonds consists of Dr. Hayter’s research material and notes relating to the history of radiology, radiotherapy, and cancer control, primarily accumulated during the research that culminated in "An Element of Hope".
The fonds is arranged into the following series:
I. History of Radiology and Radiotherapy
II. History of Cancer Control in Canada

Hayter, Charles

Maurice Yacowar collection

  • MG 430
  • Fonds
  • 1968-2006 (inclusive); 1972-1980 (predominant)

This is a collection of Yacowar’s art auction catalogues, predominantly for European and American art, ranging from the Old Masters to contemporary, representing a variety of mediums. Several of the catalogues include final price lists from the auctions.

Yacowar, Maurice

Henry T. Abley

  • MG 457
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1994

The collection includes original hand-written musical scores; photocopies, mimeographs and fax copies of original scores (often with hand-written notes or annotations) composed by Abley; lyric sheets; printed scores – some on a home-printer and coil-bound. In addition to the original musical compositions, this fonds contains memorabilia and information about Henry Abley, his career, recitals and performances such as: newspaper clippings, information pamphlets, CBC radio programme information, choir contact lists, articles and scores written about/by Canadian [colleagues], concert programmes, personal and professional correspondence, church programs and newspaper clippings related to his career.

Abley, Henry T.

Moose Jaw Air Training Base 1941 Photographs

  • MG 489
  • Fonds
  • 1941-1942

This small collection consists primarily of photographs depicting life on the base as well as travels to other destinations in Canada, including Banff, Alberta, and Regina SK. A felt “Moose Jaw Millers” badge is also included.

Moose Jaw Air Training Base

Lawrence Schatkoski fonds

  • SCM-RG-0013
  • Fonds
  • ? - 2002-07-23

The fonds, related to the Belvidere Rural Telephone Company Limited and the Rural Municipality of Swift Current Number 137, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described.

Belvidere Rural Telephone Company Limited

Beverley fonds

  • SCM-RG-0005
  • Fonds
  • 2000

The fonds consists of records of the Beverley Community Club as well as the Beverley School District Number 1172.

Kinetic Club Fonds

  • SCM-RG-0006
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1991

The fonds contain records related to the Kinetic Club of Swift Current, were accumulated by Harry Stewart.

Kinetic Club

Swift Current Centennial Committee fonds

  • SCM-RG-0076
  • Fonds
  • ? - 1999-11-05

The fonds, related to the Swift Current Centennial Committee, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:
Box 1:
-folder #1, Jubilee Action File: financial statements; letters, Minister of Agriculture, 1965; Sask. Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation memo, minutes; newsletter – “Pion-era”; various letters; Employee Tax Deduction Declaration, flyer, Tamburitzans from Durquesne University; SC Jubilee Association Executive Members; various minutes and letters re: Civic Centre building; Interim Report on Jubilee Activities; program for Festival of the Arts, 1964; Jubilee Square Dance Special, 1964

-folder #2, 1967 Budget and Accounts: budget, 1967; minutes, November 1966; Centennial calendar of events, 1967; SC Jubilee Association; correspondence re: budget, donations, banking for SC Centennial Committee; correspondence, order forms, receipts, re: Dress Crest Embroidery Co.; correspondence, receipts, etc. for Centennial

-folder #3, City Golden Jubilee 1964: insurance documents from W.W. Smith Agencies; correspondence re: Frontier Days, 1964; correspondence re: City Golden Jubilee Committee; paper entitled "Community Centres" by Heron, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation in Weyburn, 1964; Jubilee coins; correspondence re: proposed Civic Centre; Mavor Moore productions; brochure for SC's 50th Anniversary, March 15 1964; Government of Saskatchewan Department of Industry re: matching grant for auditoriums; poster, “Fathers of Confederation”; copies of the newsletter Jubilee-Centennial Notebook, November 1964; brochure, "Our Canadian Heritage"; architectural plans for proposed Civic Centre (Ramsay & Ramsay)

-folder #4, Swift Current Jubilee Committee (Building and Sight [Site]): correspondence with architects re:proposed SC Civic Centre; minutes, 1964; memo from James Richardsons and Sons, investors; “Code for the Conduct of Architectural Competitions"; minutes, SC Jubilee Association, 1964; minutes, Building and Sites Committee, 1964; 1964 Program Committee budget and chart of responsibilities; brochure encouraging the community to invest in the proposed Civic Centre; list of local businesses, 1964; booklet published by Saskatchewan Association of Architects; booklet, AESL (Association of Engineering Services Ltd.) consulting engineer

-folder #5, 1967 Civic Centre Opening Week: financial statement for opening week activities, various receipts; correspondence re: opening activities (speaker, building, etc.); advertising copy; letter from Minister J.W. Gardnier; letter from Lieutenant Governor's office; Jack Smith, Chairman of Jubilee Association, correspondence; list of business donors; letter re: Canada Mysore project; correspondence re: opening of the Civic Centre, invitations, etc.; “Sign and Support dimensions"; guest invitations for Civic Centre dinner; meeting re: Long Lance Vacation Trail; letter from House of Commons re: invitation to dinner; list of hockey guests; letter from the Legislative Assembly (E.I. Wood) re: invitation to dinner

-folder #6, Youth Conference: correspondence, 1965; correspondence with Department of Education; correspondence and agenda for a conference in Regina; Jubilee Youth Conference in SC; pre-registration; evaluation for Regina Jubilee Youth Conference; organizational diagram of Jubilee Association

-folder #7, Pony Express: tentative itinerary for Pony Express Ride for Expo'67, 1967; news release, correspondence, 1967; list of organizations; letter to Mayor R.C. Dahl

-folder #8, Gala Night: news release, 1967; correspondence re: auditions and preparations for "Gala Night Revue" at O.M. Irwin School; “Gala Night Revue” flyer

-folder #9, Inter-Faith: news release for Centennial inter-faith Sundays, 1967; correspondence re: ministerial representation on Centennial Committee, correspondence re: essay contest

-folder #10, Month O' Dancing, June 12 - July 15 [1967]: general itinerary; square dance bulletin; correspondence

-folder #11, Red Knight: re: Red Knight performance, armed forces aerobatic performer, June 1, 1967

-folder #12, Centennial Pins: correspondence re: ordering, buying pins

-folder #13, Centennial Favours, Flags, etc.: brochure from lapel pin company; flyer for booklet “Sir John A. MacDonald”; The National Decoration of Canada; Sask Centennial Corporation, Centennial Aids Catalogue, various souvenir brochures flyers (flags, pins, plaques, etc.)

-folder #14, Motorcycle Display Team: correspondence re: performance by Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team, 1967; “The Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team Instructions For Completion of Performance Site"; Itinerary for Saskatchewan; Department of National Defense, Distribution List

-folder #15, Vacation Trail: miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda re: Long Lance Vacation Trail Program; map of Long Lance Vacation Trail 6; minutes and agendas, 1967; pamphlet, Vacation trail 2; excerpts from Kiwanis Club May 1964 article 'How To Lure the Tourist'; memoranda to members of the Long Lance Vacation Trail #6, from Paul Hack or Jack Smith

-folder #16, Youth Travel: miscellaneous correspondence re: student letters; miscellaneous correspondence re:Department of Education; travel tour of Swift Current; Youth Travel Project 1965, 1966; Centennial Association, Student Movement Week; information for Local Jubilee and Centennial committee; 1967 Youth Travel Program Report, Saskatchewan Department of Education; billet information; program itinerary, 1967; information about visiting youth; 1967 Frontier Days program; correspondence re: students visiting SC from North Vancouver; Lions Club donations; booklet, Saskatchewan Jubilee Book list; 1966 Youth Travel Program Report; itinerary, 1966; correspondence re: Youth Travel Program; list of hosts and guest students; letter to billets; correspondence re: students visiting SC from Rouyn, Quebec

-folder #17, 1967 Centennial Committee: newspaper, SC Sun, Dec. 6, 1963 (3 copies); booklet, Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation report; news release, Confederation Train; events during Centennial Civic Centre opening, January 1967; correspondence re: Jubilee and Centennial celebrations; “Pony Express Official Certificate”; miscellaneous correspondence re: Saskatchewan Centennial Corporation letters, various news releases; Mysore Fund; Centennial Commission, “Helicopter Canada”; booklet, 1967 Community Improvement Saskatchewan Conference; Sunset Ceremony at SC, 1967; program for Centennial Ceremonial Inspection of Cadet Corps; Centennial Happenings in SC; Centennial Calendar of Events; Official Opening of Centennial Civic Centre; Leighten Ford SC Crusade; Neptune Theatre; Centennial Trail Ride, Regina to Saskatoon Pion-Era; Centenary Music Festival at Yorkton; letter, Bonnie Bluebells Pipe Band Association, Saskatoon; SC Jubilee Association memoranda and correspondence; Canadian Citizenship Program; Centennial Commission bulletin, January, February 1967; program for funeral service of Herman Stanley Haw; acquisition of Centennial decoration, promotional material, supplies, etc.; certificate of Canadian citizenship; brochure for Har-o-Pat Farm; Provincial Centennial Programs; National Centennial Programming; SC Centennial Committee meeting minutes; program from Le Manitoba Theater Centre, Le Festival du Canada en Tournée -“Le Théatre”; program from Neptune Theatre; minutes, Provincial Liaison meeting, 1966; "News from your Centennial Committee"; newsletter, Saskatchewan Centennial Notebook, August 1966; correspondence re: Swift Current Jubilee Association

-folder #18, untitled: SC Jubilee Association Executive Members; correspondence; list of visiting and host students for Centennial Youth Travel Tour; students visiting SC from New Brunswick, 1965; SC Agricultural and Exhibition Association Jubilee Activities committee; Founder's Day, July 3 1965; SC Jubilee Association financial statement; Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation; Festival of the Arts, financial statement, 1964; letter re: Centennial grants; brochure, invitation for community to invest in proposed Civic Centre

Box 2:
-folder #19, Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation [Lions/Eagles]: correspondence, 1965; Jubilee and Centennial newsletter; memoranda; news releases; calendar of events; "Gala Under the Starts Festival"; Centennial Youth Travel Project; Jubilee Drama Tour performance of Richard III; Jubilee Youth Conferences; meeting agenda; correspondence re: Jubilee-Centennial Citizen's Committee; regional conference agenda; structural organization, Local Jubilee-Centennial Citizens Committee; three primary functions of Local Jubilee-Centennial Committee; Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canadian Centennial Corporation Province-Wide Projects; Saskatchewan Jubilee and Centennial Corporation plans, projects, grants

-folder #20, Swift Current Jubilee Ass'n Activities & General, 1964 [Lions/Eagles]: Prairie Schoolhouse Project; correspondence; representatives for Jubilee Association meeting, 1965; Festival of the Arts material, 1964; letter, Royal Winnipeg Ballet; guest register, Jubilee Tea, OM Irwin Collegiate 1964; correspondence re: Chamber of Commerce; Frontier Days ribbon, square dance program, poster invitation to opening of Thoreson Memorial Museum; list of flowers for Jubilee garden; SC Jubilee Association Incorporation; minutes, Festival of the Arts Committee meeting; correspondence re: vote on proposed Civic Centre; program, SC Royal Canadian Legion Jubilee Dinner, 1964; suggested list of possible projects to sponsor; receipts; Interim report and Jubilee Activities, City of SC 50th Anniversary Jubilee events, correspondence; commemorative coins, brochures; Societies Act certificate for SC Jubilee Association, 1959; constitution and bylaws of the SC Jubilee Association; 1963 Annual Saskatchewan Festival of the Arts

-folder #21, Jack Smith Sportsman's Dinner [Lions/Eagles]: report on Annual Meeting of the SC Jubilee Association, 1966; correspondence re: Sportsmen's Dinner, invitations, receipts

-folder #22, Jubilee Ass'n Budget, Minutes and Record of Expenditures [Lions/Eagles]: minutes, SC Jubilee Association Executive and General meetings, 1964, 1965, 1966; "Movement In Arts Underway Conference Told; correspondence re: Pino-Era; financial reports

-folder #23, Formation of Jubilee Ass'n and Negotiations with City Council: program, Official Opening Centennial Civic Centre, January 23 1967; Long Lance No. 6 Vacation Trail agenda, memoranda, 1966; correspondence re: performing arts events, SK Arts Board, Civic Centre; “Suggested Budget For Provincial Committees”; receipts; booklet, “Report of Activities” SC Golden Jubilee, 1964; SC Jubilee Association report; list of representatives for Jubilee Association meeting, 1965; budget, 1965; minutes of general meeting, 1965; report re: Jubilee and Centennial Celebrations; Steering Committee report, 1963; correspondence re: appointment of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee, 1963; report on "Meeting of Representatives form various organizations for the purpose of organizing Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee; minutes, meeting of proposed Jubilee Committee; correspondence with City of SC re: Golden Jubilee

-folder #24, untitled: SC Jubilee Association Executive Members; The Societies Act, 1959, Sect. 43 Annual Return, 1967; correspondence; minutes from Centennial Committee meetings, 1966, 1967; SC Jubilee Financial Statement, 1966; Centennial Committee budget, 1967; minutes, SC Jubilee Association, general and executive meetings, 1964, 1965, 1966; Chairman's Remarks; Prairie School House Project; Report of Building and Site Committee of SC Jubilee Association; Report of Finance Committee; various financial statements; SC Jubilee Association budget, 1964, 1965; “Report of Activities” SC Golden Jubilee, 1964; Final Report, 1964; Interim Report, Jubilee Activities; Organizational Structure chart

-folder #25, receipts and financial records, 1966 - 1967, re: SC Centennial Committee and SC Jubilee Association

-folder #26, Jubilee Committee: correspondence with City of SC, 1966; "Gala Night Revue" at OM Irwin Collegiate; opening of Turnhill School to commemorate Prairie school houses; invitation to Diamond Jubilee Dinner; miscellaneous correspondence re: Jubilee-Centennial Committees; financial statement, 1964; Subscription Undertaking form for the Centennial Civic Centre; program, SC Square Dance Jubilee Special; estimates of construction costs for Civic Centre; SC Jubilee Association budget, "Projects which may be carried out at a relatively small cost"; Organizational Structure chart

-folder #27, untitled: Jubilee and Centennial newsletters; newsletter, Jubilee – Centennial Notebook February to December 1964; memoranda and correspondence re: SC Jubilee Association, and Jubilee-Centennial Citizen's Committees, 1965; 1965 “Calendar of Events” for Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee; flyers for various displays, manufacturers, rentals; "Preparing a Local History"; "Community Beautification" program

-folder #28, untitled: brochure, SC Centennial Civic Centre; program, Official Opening of the Centennial Civic Centre; "Names of People Mentioned in Centennial Records; canvassers for Civic Centre; various lists of names; Centennial Happenings in SC, 1967; Festival of the Arts in SC 1964; SC Jubilee Association Executive Members; "Names Submitted For Individuals to be Presented with Bronze Medallions"; minutes, Centennial Committee meeting, 1967; Representatives for SC Jubilee Association meeting, 1965; SC Jubilee Association budget, 1964; SC Centennial Committee budget, 1967; Annual Report of the SC Jubilee Association for 1966; “Report of Activities” SC Golden Jubilee, 1964; payroll deductions, 1964; financial records for SC Jubilee Association, money raised from local businesses in support of Civic Centre

-folder #29, Jubilee Committee Jack Smith: pamphlets, Sunset Ceremony, throughout Saskatchewan, 1967; correspondence with Province of Saskatchewan Department of Education re: Youth Travel Program, Young Voyageur Program; letter, Community Planning Association of Canada; newsletter, Saskatchewan Planning News; news releases and correspondence re: Centennial and Jubilees; promotion for “Fathers of Confederation” painting; Swift Current Centennial Committee, horseshoe tournament; Saskatchewan Centennial Square Dance bulletin, 1967; Christmas card with a photograph of an old car from 1913; clipping: “Long Lance Vacation Trail 6”; booklet, Swift Current Golden Jubilee "Report of Activities"; Annual Report of the SC Jubilee Association for 1966 (2 copies)

-folder #30, Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee 1965 // Canada Centennial 1967: newsletters, Jubilee-Centennial Notebook; invitation to Swift Current Agricultural Exhibition Association Frontier Days, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, Founder's Day; Diamond Jubilee place mat; Regina Jubilee Youth Conference evaluation, 1965; Regina Youth Conference schedule; report, Jubilee Youth Conferences, 1965

-folder #31, envelope: Swift Current Centennial Committee, budget, 1967; Appendix B – National Centennial Programs, 1966; Appendix C – Provincial Centennial Programs, 1966; Centennial Calendar of Events, 1967

booklet, "Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee & Canada Centennial Corporation Interim Report, 1965"

Swift Current Centennial Committee

Blofield School District No. 1307 fonds

  • MJ-011
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1962

This fonds contains a minute book of meetings of trustees and ratepayers, daily registers for attendance at the Blofield School No. 1307, an inventory of the land and the school building, correspondence from the secretary treasurer of the Blofield School District as well as notes from a meeting of the School Board.

Blofield School District No. 1307

Buffalo Lake School District No. 119 fonds

  • MJ-012
  • Fonds
  • 1896-1925

This fonds contains photocopies of the Daily Registers for attendance of students at the Buffalo Lake School S.D. No. 119 kept by the teachers. Also included are photocopies of a financial ledger documenting the expenditures of the said school.

Buffalo Lake School District No. 119

Moose Jaw Co-operative Women's Guild fonds

  • MJ-015
  • Fonds
  • [194-]-1965

This fonds consists of two scrapbooks of the Moose Jaw Co-operative Women's Guild containing photographs and newspaper clippings concerning the Moose Jaw Co-operative Women's Guild.

Moose Jaw Co-operative Women's Guild

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