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Mule hitched to a buggy.

Two men in a four wheeled buggy driving a mule in harness. The men are wearing overcoats and have a lap robe over their knees. The caption, written in ink, reads "Yours truly 'The Three Mules'".

Kunkel Collection

Cutting the grain by binder

Four horses hitched to a binder. Sheaves in the foreground. Woman on binder seat, man in a suit next to her, women on his right wearing a full-length skirt and blouse. Farm hand is holding the horses.

Kunkel Collection

Two couples in period dress

Two men, two women. Clothing includes: Men - celluloid collar, bow tie, striped waist coat, watch fob. Women - fur muffs, toques with tassels, jewelled throat pin, coats with fur collars.

Kunkel Collection

Man and two women in front of sod wall

Man is wearing a suit, tie, celluloid collar, cap. Women in long skirts, jackets, dark hats with wide brims. Could be the same woman in FA1.013. A sod wall can be seen in the background. One woman is holding a long barrelled rifle.

Kunkel Collection

1918 490 Chevrolet

Six men stand around a 1918 490 Chevrolet car drinking beer. The car's windshield frame is being used as a bottle rack. A house with a stained glass window in the background.

Kunkel Collection


Three men drink and visit, with one sitting in a right hand drive Model T. The spare tire swings out so that the driver can get in.

Kunkel Collection

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