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Art Knight fonds

  • MG 160
  • Archief
  • 1958-1980

This fonds contains offprints collected by Dr. Knight. The primary focus of the material deals with photochemistry (a branch of chemistry having to do with the effect of radiant energy, especially light, in producing chemical action). Some of the noteworthy scientists whose work are represented in the collection are, by country:
Canada: E.W.R. Steacie, R.J. Cvetanovic, R.W. Back, H.E. Gunning, P. DeMayo
United States: W.A. Noyes, G.S. Hammond, J.A. Calvert, J.N. Pitts Jr.
United Kingdom: W. Norrish, J. Polanyi (Sr.), R.P. Porter, A.F. Trotman-Dickinson

Art Knight, (Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/Dean of Arts and Science)

John G. Diefenbaker fonds

  • JGD/MG01
  • Archief
  • 1815-1979, predominant 1925-1979

Fonds includes personal correspondence and papers, as well as background and reference material assembled by John Diefenbaker
and his staff. There is also large collection of press clippings, supplemented by press clippings gathered by the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Diefenbaker, John George, 1895-1979

David Burt fonds

  • SCM-RG-0034
  • Archief
  • [before 5 Aug., 2009]

The fonds, related to James G Mitchell, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:
-tax notice
-correspondence relating to the purchase of property in Swift Current (lot 25, block 15, Argyle Crescent; 1913)
-duplicate certificate of title

Mitchell, James G

Swift Current Rotary Club fonds

  • SCM-RG-0022
  • Archief
  • ? - 2010-07-23

The fonds, related to the Swift Current Rotary Club, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described.

Swift Current Rotary Club

Swift Current Sun fonds

  • SCM-RG-0021
  • Archief
  • ? - 1997-07-25

The fonds, related to the Swift Current Sun, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described.

Swift Current Sun

William Chew fonds

  • SCM-RG-0020
  • Archief
  • 1911-1972

The fonds, related to William Chew, were created by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The fonds consists of six series. Series 1: 'Horse Co-Operative Marketing Ass'n Ltd.' ; Series 2: 'Saskatchewan Wool Products'; Series 3: 'Other business documents'; Series 4: 'Personal documents and Modern News'.; Series 5: 'Chinese documents'; Series 6: 'Photographs".

Series 1 consists of the following documents: 8 copies of a letter from the Secretary General of the HCMA, 'to Whom It May Concern', regarding William Chew; 3 copies of a letter to William Chew from the Secretary General of the HCMA regarding the selling of canned horse meat and gravy to China (2 pages); 3 typed pages entirely in Chinese characters; 2 letters from the HCMA to William Chew, each regarding the shipping canned horse meat and gravy [one letter also mentions the death of Janey Howell, daughter of Ralph Howell and friend of Victor]; a Hong Kong import licence and a CPR bill for shipping horse meat; a letter from William Chew to the HCMA regarding sample cans of horse meat and gravy; a letter (with envelope) from Manlung & Co. Importers and Exporters in Hong Kong to the HCMA;[the following items have been removed from A.2007.33 and moved to Subject Files; 7 copies of horse meat and gravy specifications (5 pages); 11 copies of blank paper with a HCMA letterhead]

Series 2 consists of the following documents: 8 pieces of correspondence between William Chew and representatives of Saskatchewan Wool Products regarding the selling of SWP blankets in Hong Kong; 2 copies of SWP price list from 1948 (not identical).

Series 3 consists the following documents: 5 letters (with envelopes) from Manlung & Co. Importers and Exporters of Hong Kong to various North American business proposing that business between the two organizations be conducted by William Chew; 3 receipts from Hong Kong businesses; 3 pieces of correspondence from William Chew to Canadian companies, regarding the trade of Hong Kong goods; an invoice of products from Manlung & Co. to W.W. Cooper Ltd. of Swift Current.
Series 4 consists of the following documents: confirmation of hotel reservations in Victoria B.C. for William Chew; negative of a letter pertaining to the immigration of William Chew's sons from China; two pieces of correspondence between the Kuo Min Tang (Vancouver) and William Chew; one piece of correspondence between the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (Victoria) and William Chew; 2 pieces of correspondence from an MLA of Saskatchewan and the Mayor of Swift Current, attesting to William Chew's character and industry; a document from the Chinese Association of Swift Current, written in Chinese; stationary with a "Modern News" letterhead containing text written in Chinese characters; a certificate written in Chinese characters; total sales for "Modern News" between May 1 and September 30, 1948; a letter inviting William Chew to take his oath of citizenship; envelopes from photograph developing shops in Hong Kong and Swift Current [envelopes discarded] (photos 46-52, 65-67 in Silvery Photo envelopes [envelope discarded]; 68-71 found in Goodman Studio, SC [envelope discarded]; photos identical to 47 found in Moen's SC [envelope discarded]); newspaper clipping; three pieces of identification, re: Chinese heritage; flyer for travel to the Orient.

Series 5 consists of twenty documents that are written entirely, or almost entirely, in Chinese, and which would require translation to learn anything more about their meaning.

Series 6 consists of photographs of William Chew, Victor Chew, Andrew Chew, and other members of the Chew family.

Chew, William

Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company Limited fonds

  • SCM-RG-0028
  • Archief
  • 27 October 2008

The fonds, related to the Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company Limited, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:
Volume 1.
Debenture Register for Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company, 1961 – 1975, payable at Pioneer Co-operators Credit Union, the debentures are sold to local individuals

Volume 2.
Minute book for directors’ meetings of the Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company, March 23 1914 – January 6 1938, including first organizing meeting

Volume 3.
Account book, October 27 1916 – December 31 1919, October 23 1950, keeps track of customers and when their telephone service was connected, their phone numbers and their land descriptions, also contains a list of the individuals who purchased debentures (see volume 1)

Volume 4.
Account book, March 27 1914 – December 15 1918, April 25 1961 – November 1 1963, contains names, occupations, & land descriptions of shareholders,

Volume 5.
Minute book for meetings pertaining to the Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company, April 20 1961 – May 9 1977, contains the company’s regulations that were drafted in July 1962, contains a letter pertaining to the dissolution of the telephone company in 1977, and a list of subscribers as of March 28 1977

Volume 6.
Share certificates for the Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Co. worth $5 each, signed by President J.K. Austring, 7 certificates are loose, the remainder are still fastened in the book

Discrete object: seal of Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Co.

Beaver Flats Rural Telephone Company Limited

E. Arthur Clark fonds

  • MG 191
  • Archief
  • 1973-1994

This fonds contains correspondence, minutes, lists, publications, notes and course material.

Clark, E. Arthur

Richard Burke fonds

  • SCM-RG-0016
  • Archief
  • 29 Oct. 2003

The fonds, related to the 16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse and William W. Cooper, were accumulated by the source.

The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:

A.2003.10 (William W. Cooper)

Folder #1:
address book of customers, ca. 1967;
shares of the WW Cooper store, issued to W.W. Cooper, 1927;
Cooper's Store News issues: March & April 1924; September & October 1924; Christmas 1924 (2 copies); January 1925; February 1925 (3 copies); March 1925; June 1925; July 1925; October 1925; January 1926; February 1926; Summer 1933; Christmas 1948 (3 copies);
Cooper's Anniversary News, June 1933 (6 copies);
"The North West Mounted Police - The Winning of the West" (5 pages)

Folder #2 (documents pertaining to W.W. Cooper's visit to Russia in 1931):
poster for a talk on Russia given by WW Cooper;
booklet, "Intimate Impressions of Russia Discussed in a Lecture by W.W. Cooper" (6 copies);
notes for a speech on Russia;
newspaper clippings re: Russia, communism;
correspondence re: First United Church's 60th Anniversary in 1972, along with ribbon, list of congregation members and photo #1: members of the First United Church congregation in the church, 1972;
City of Swift Current tax notice, 1935;
speech from Mrs. W.W. Cooper to the Women's Missionary Society of the Metropolitan Church, upon her birthday, 1923;
employee newsletter, "The Cooperator", November 1948;
letters from W.W. Cooper's grandsons (Alfred Cooper's sons) Bill and Peter, 1962;
correspondence with W.A. Bingham re: oil burners, 1929

Folder #3:
Honorary Address to Mr. W.W. Cooper from the staff on the occasion of the store's 40th Birthday, June 4 1943" (signed by all staff members)

Folder #4 (newspapers):
Cooper's Anniversary News, June 1933;
excerpt from The Sun, February 4,1953 (article on the purchase of the W.W. Cooper store by Pioneer Co-Op);
The Sun, October 27,1948 (article on the death of William Wesley Cooper)

Envelope #1:
essay by Phoebe Matthie, "The W.W. Cooper Memorial Scholarship Committee";
grades for Phoebe Matthie from the University of Saskatchewan, 1952;
photos #2 - #7, re: Phoebe Matthie's photographs from the University of Saskatchewan

Envelope #2:
personal correspondence addressed to Gordon Cooper, the son of W.W. Cooper, 1933 to 1962, including a marriage announcement for Gordon and Dorothy Wilkins, 1933;
postcards from their daughter Colleen in 1962;
various letters from friends and relatives;
photographs #8 - #10: unidentified individuals at an outdoor reception, perhaps a wedding; #11: two unidentified women sitting on a couch; #12 - #15: a family at Easter in 1983, Robert, Audrey (mother and father), Carissa Dawn and Christopher Robert (daughter and son) and an older women referred to as "myself"; #16: a family in Christmas of 1982, Robert, "myself", Donald and Gerald; #17 - #19: unidentified individuals; #20: W.W. (William Wesley) Cooper taken October 1923; Programs for the 5th annual and the 11th annual W.W. Cooper Co. banquet

Envelope #3:
handwritten document about trip to Hudson's Bay and Churchill, Manitoba, August 6 - 11 1947 (author unknown, likely W.W. Cooper, 10 pages);
"Canadian National Railways (Western Region) Passenger Traffic Department North of 54" (20 pages);
photos #21 - #64, photos and postcards from northern communities ( e.g. Flin Flon and Churchill, Manitoba), including people, sled dogs and seal hunting;
brochure for a CPR holiday that involves travel from Regina, Saskatchewan to Churchill, Manitoba and back to Regina;
newsletter: "Eskimo" from Churchill, MB, June 1947, published by the Oblate Fathers of the Hudson Bay Vicariate

Volume #1: "Bylaws of Unity Chapter No. 10" Royal Arch Masons
Volume #2: "Constitution of the Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan", 1929
Volume #3: "Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan"
Volume #4: "Constitution and By-Laws" for SC Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows
Volume #5: "Swift Current Lodge No. 26 Bylaws", Masons
Volume #6: Financial statement, W.W. Cooper Store, "Report on Accounts For the year ended January 31 1935"
Volume #7: Cooper Store News, 1919 - 1931
Volume #8: Cooper Store News, 1932 - 1952

A.2003.11 (16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse)

  • Order papers for 7th Calvary Brigade, Dundurn;1938
  • Court Inquiry, Capt. Cooper
  • Order papers (camp daily orders), Dundurn; July 1939
  • Order papers (camp daily orders), Dundurn; July 1940
  • Administration instructions, Dundurn;1939
  • Tactical Exercises, Dundurn;1939
  • Standing orders, Dundurn;1939
  • Memo on judging efficiency
  • Photographs and correspondence

Paul Rezansoff fonds

  • SCM-RG-0017
  • Archief
  • 25 August 2001

The fonds, related to the Swift Current Arts And Heritage Committee, Hoffman James Powley, Swift Current Community Arts Council, Swift Current Overture Concert Association, Swift Current Tourism Committee, and the Horseshoe Tourism Region, were accumulated by the source.

H.R. Baker fonds

  • MG 66
  • Archief
  • 1956-1994

This fonds consists of correspondence, reports, articles, addresses, minutes, course material and notes relating to H.R. Baker’s career and research. There is considerable material regarding the development and delivery of extension programs and adult education in Saskatchewan. Much of the material deals rural and community planning and coping with changing social and economic conditions. This fonds is supplementary and complementary to the official records of the Extension Division.

Baker, Harold Reid

Cedric Gillott fonds

  • MG 638
  • Archief
  • 1964-2018

This fonds documents the career and interests of Cedric Gillott focusing on his teaching, research and writing activities. The material relates to both his academic career and his non-academic outreach activities with the wider community.

Gillott, Cedric

Lillian A. Williamson fonds

  • MG 678
  • Archief
  • 1912-1922, nd.

This fonds contains two black and white photo albums which hold ~100 photographs, of which about 30 are of U of S student life in the 1918-1920 era. The rest are of White Rock area in BC as well as one full album of photographs from travel in Europe.

Williamson, Lillian A.

H. M. Austenson fonds

  • MG 180
  • Archief
  • 1922-1995 (inclusive); 1967-1992 (predominant)

This fonds contains correspondence, reports, publications and memoranda relating to the research activities of Herman Austenson, as well as some administrative records relating to the department of Crop Science and Plant Ecology, and the research activities of the Crop Development Centre. Some of the materials were created by J.B. Harrington; these files have been identified whenever possible.

Austenson, Herman Milton

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