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Benjamin Ralph fonds

  • PR14
  • Fundo
  • 1903–1930

The fonds consists of records created and/or collected by Dr. Ralph, during his time in Saskatchewan. Contents include: records of baptisms, burials, and marriages (1903-1930) from Blaine Lake, Balmoural, and Craigmore.

Ralph, Benjamin

Robert M. Thompson fonds

  • PR29
  • Fundo
  • 1948–1991

The fonds consists of church registers of marriages, baptisms, and burials, created by Rev. Thompson, during his time as a minister in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Contents include records of marriages (1948-1991), baptisms (1948-1955), and burials (1948-1968), from various locations, including: Oshawa and Thunder Bay, Ontario; Neepawa, Manitoba; Kennedy, Langbank, Windhurst, Wetwood, Landsdowne, Kisby, Wawota, Melfort, Kinistino, Cranmer, Lumsden, Balgonie, Saskatoon, Melville, and Regina, Saskatchewan.

Thompson, Robert Merle

Herbert Wesley Toombs fonds

  • PR9
  • Fundo
  • ca.1875–1934

The fonds consists of papers, publications and other collected items by and relating to the Rev. Toombs and his work, as a United Church minister.

Contents include: sermons (ca.1905-1934); clippings, letters and copies of articles relating to famous paintings (1922); various undated lectures; collected writings and documents relating to Church Union; a copy of his 1917 publication on Mormonism and related correspondence (ca.1914-1920); copies of church-related publications; and a “Pastor’s Pocket Record” notebook (ca.1920-1926), listing salary, sermons, members, baptisms, marriages and funerals from Drinkwater, Briercrest, Keeler and Marquis. There are also letters regarding Rev. Toombs’ career and his various papers.

Toombs, Herbert Wesley

Romona Underwood fonds

  • PR27
  • Fundo
  • 1962–2002

The fonds consists of records created and collected by Rev. Underwood, mostly from her time as an ordained minister in Saskatchewan. Contents are primarily records of baptisms (1962-1999), marriages (1964-2003), and burials (1968-2002).

Underwood, Lillian Romona

Frederick A. Clare fonds

  • PR12
  • Fundo
  • 1933–1946

The fonds consists of 4 small notebooks created and used by Rev. Frederick A. Clare, during his time as an ordained minister: a diary (1937); a notebook (1940-1942); pocket record book (1933-1946), with information about church officers, communion services, members, baptisms, marriages, and burials for various Saskatchewan locations; and a notebook recording translations of 421 English words into Cree (Salteaux?), as well as financial accounts information and additional notes.

Clare, Frederick Alexander

Stewart Dingwall fonds

  • PR10
  • Fundo
  • 1954–1985

The fonds consists of registers kept by Rev. Dingwall, during his time as an ordained minister. Contents include records of baptisms (1954-1959, 1959-1985), marriages (1954-1964, 1965-1971, 1971-1974), and burials (1954-1964, 1964-1976).

Dingwall, Norman Stewart