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Grace Pine fonds

  • MG 238
  • Fundo
  • 1926-1930

Memorabilia from the days when Grace Davis McKinnon, later Mrs. Grace Pine, was a student at the U of S. She earned a B.Sc in 1930 and ME in 1931. The bulk of material pertains to social activities of the University in general and the School of Medicine in particular. The material includes programs, dance cards, autographs, a ceramic skull made by the U of S Ceramics Department, a scrap book and a photograph of Marjorie Slater who later married Stanley Steer.

Pine, Grace Davis

Biographies collection

  • FG20
  • Coleção
  • ca.1903–2001

The collection consists of primarily textual materials relating to various ministers and other lay people associated with the United Church, in Saskatchewan. Contents include obituaries, newspaper articles, pamphlets, programs, publications, and various other documents containing biographical information. Some are accompanied by portraits.

Samuel Kennedy fonds

  • PR13
  • Fundo
  • 1909–1946

The fonds consists of correspondence from Rev. Sam Kennedy, before and during his ministry in Saskatchewan, as well as photographs of Kennedy and the United Church in Francis, Saskatchewan. His correspondence includes: letters written by Kennedy to his mother, from his postings in Alameda (1917) and Francis (1925-1928); to Margaret Kennedy, from various places in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (1909-1919, 1927, 1937, 1944-1946); and to Isabel, from Francis, Saskatchewan (1928).

Kennedy, Samuel Arthur

Norman Scott fonds

  • PR8
  • Fundo
  • ca.1953–1955

The fonds consists of a small photograph album, relating to First United Church, Uranium City, Saskatchewan. Contents include images (some with captions) showing Rev. Scott, members of the church, and views of Urainium City.

Scott, Norman William

John Tozeland fonds

  • PR19
  • Fundo
  • ca.1866–1913

The fonds consists of records created and collected by Rev. Tozeland, before and during his time as a Methodist minister. Contents include: a photo of Rev. Tozeland (no date) and other collected items; as well as various sermons, essays and notes (mostly not dated).

Tozeland, John

John Campbell fonds

  • PR24
  • Fundo
  • 1990–1991

The fonds consists of a file of writings and correspondence created and collected by John Campbell. Contents include 2 manuscripts (ca.1990) written by Campbell on religious themes, a covering letter (April 1991) introducing himself and his work, plus letters from the United Church Publishing House (May 1990) and St. Andrew’s College (May 1991).

Campbell, John

Harris family fonds

  • PR7
  • Fundo
  • ca.1904–1936

The fonds consists of letters and photographs (some with explanatory notes) sent to members of the Harris family – including Mrs. Oliver Harris, Eva and Lucy Harris – by members of the Methodist clergy who had served at North Portal, Saskatchewan.

Contents include letters from: Jesse Arnup (1907-1936); Mrs. Charles Endicott (1904-1910); Herbert Harris (1911-1912); Herbert Harrison (1913-1914); Ethan Riley Hine (1907); Fred Martin (1910); and F.G. Norris (1919). Photographic portraits accompany the Arnup, Harrison, Hine, and Martin documents.

Frederick A. Clare fonds

  • PR12
  • Fundo
  • 1933–1946

The fonds consists of 4 small notebooks created and used by Rev. Frederick A. Clare, during his time as an ordained minister: a diary (1937); a notebook (1940-1942); pocket record book (1933-1946), with information about church officers, communion services, members, baptisms, marriages, and burials for various Saskatchewan locations; and a notebook recording translations of 421 English words into Cree (Salteaux?), as well as financial accounts information and additional notes.

Clare, Frederick Alexander

Architectural Plans and Drawings collection

  • FG22
  • Coleção
  • ca.1954–1968

The collection primarily consists of records relating to the building of various churches, manses and other features associated with the United Church, in Saskatchewan. Contents include architectural plans and blueprints (as well as proposed designs) for church and manse buildings and building sites.

Weyburn Presbytery (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA43
  • Fundo
  • 1910–1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1910-1925) from the Weyburn Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in Canada Weyburn Presbytery

Saskatoon Presbytery (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA42
  • Fundo
  • 1908–1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1908-1925) from the Saskatoon Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in Canada Saskatoon Presbytery

Saskatchewan Synod (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA5
  • Fundo
  • 1906–1925

The fonds consists of textual materials created by (and relating to) the Synod of Saskatchewan, its General Interests Committee, and the Treasurer of the Church Union Expense Fund.

Contents include: Synod minutes (1906-1924), published and unpublished; correspondence relating to the Church Union Expense Fund (1923-1925); mimeographed material sent out by the General Interests Committee (1922-1925); a handwritten outline of a speech on church union (no date); and documents published by the Synod.

Presbyterian Church in Canada, Synod of Saskatchewan

Regina Presbytery (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA41
  • Fundo
  • 1885–1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1885-1925) from the Regina Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in Canada Regina Presbytery

Qu’Appelle Presbytery (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA40
  • Fundo
  • 1901–1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1901-1925) from the Qu’Appelle Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in Canada Qu'Appelle Presbytery

Prince Albert Presbytery (Presbyterian) fonds

  • FA39
  • Fundo
  • 1901–1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1901-1925) from the Prince Albert Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church in Canada Prince Albert Presbytery

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