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Main Street in Biggar, Saskatchewan

A street-view of Main Street in Biggar, Saskatchewan. Business signs read from left to right: "E.H. Ford Drugs"; A.W. Mooney's Ltd. Hardware Home Furnishings"; Golden Rule Department Store"

First Avenue, Biggar, SK

Six buildings beside dirt roads can be seen
Three signs on some of the buildings read from right to left: "Canadian Restaurant Restaurant"; "The Biggar Hotel"; "Empire Hotel"
Written on the bottom: "First Ave Biggar Sask"
Written on the back in black ink: "R.N. Blaikie"

"Biggar, Sask."

A view of the town Biggar, Saskatchewan taken from the south end of town in the rail yard
Written on the bottom of the photo: "Biggar Sask. 1912 & 13"
Written on the back in black and red ink :"R.N. Blaikie 1912-13."

Main Street in Biggar, Saskatchewan

A view of Main Street businesses in Biggar, Saskatchewan. Two of the store signs read "Miller Bros. Confectioners" and "Bowling Alley and Pool Room"; there are three people are standing in front of the Confectioners.

"Biggar, Sask."

An aerial view of the Grand Trunk Pacific rail yard with the town of Biggar, Saskatchewan in the background

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