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Anne Campbell fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1938-1995, predominant 1954-1995

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers created by Saskatchewan poet and writer, Anne Campbell. The papers are arranged in twelve series reflecting her numerous interests and activities: Arts/Cultural Organizations; Clippings; Correspondence files; Educational Institutions; Employment files; Exhibition Brochures/Invitations/Programs; Interests; Personal files; Photographs; Professional Organizations; Publications/Writings/Drafts by Anne Campbell; and Publications/ Writings/Drafts by others. Of particular interest is the extensive series of correspondence with family, relatives, friends, writers, artists, and colleagues, as well as drafts, manuscripts, reviews, and published versions of her writings. Taken together with her calendars, diaries, notes, and photographs these papers provide personal insights into Anne Campbell and the development of her work. Beyond that, files relating to the numerous cultural and professional organizations with which she was involved, especially the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild, the Writers union of Canada, and the League of Canadian poets, cast light on the craft of writing and creating poetry in Saskatchewan and on the milieu in which those activities occur. Additionally, files relating to local cultural groups, including an extensive series on Heritage Regina, provide evidence of the local cultural scene.

Campbell, Anne, 1938-

Brett Balon fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1968-1992

Fonds consists of eight series: Correspondence, Education and Continuing Education, Employment, General Files, Lupus Erythematosus Society of Saskatchewan Inc., Professional Activities and Associations, Writing by Brett Balon and Writing by Others. These series were established by the archivist. Of particular note are the University of Regina/University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, the ARMA, and the Coteau Books/Thundercreek Publishing Co-operative sub-series.

Balon, Brett, 1953-

Gail Bowen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1983-1995

Fonds consists of background information, correspondence, contracts, drafts, manuscripts, notes, reviews, financial information, and publicity materials relating to the writing, publishing, and production of five books, three plays, and numerous articles by Gail Bowen. Also included are examinations, student papers, and teaching materials pertaining to her role as a professor of English, and a small quantity of personal correspondence and financial records.

Bowen, Gail, 1942

Geoffrey Ursell fonds

  • Fonds
  • [1965?]-1988

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers of Saskatchewan writer Geoffrey Ursell. The bulk of the fonds is composed of background and research materials, drafts, manuscripts, revisions, notes, publications, publicity material, contracts, correspondence, outlines, scripts, photographs, and other documentation relating to Ursell's extensive writing projects including novels, plays, poetry, short stories, and songs, as well as writing workshops. Since several of his works are historical in nature, some of the research files contain copies of archival documents and photos dating back to the 1800s. Ursell's association with a number of professional organizations including ACTRA, Saskatchewan Sport Trust, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, and others are reflected in files containing reports, committee records, membership lists, minutes, publicity material, financial records, correspondence, policy papers, and grant applications. A substantial series of business files contain correspondence, financial records, and other documentation pertaining to his diverse endeavors, and his involvement as an editor with Coteau Books and Salt magazine is documented through business records and edited manuscripts by other writers. Records relating to his M.A. and Ph.D theses, and to his teaching career at the University of Manitoba and the University of Regina, and small quantities of personal correspondence are also present.

Ursell, Geoffrey

Ken Mitchell fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1959-1993

Fonds consists of the personal and professional papers created by English professor and writer, Ken Mitchell. Although the series arrangement varies from accession to accession, the great bulk of the records relate to his prolific literary career. These include drafts, correspondence, notes, revisions, proofs, reviews, publicity materials, research materials, manuscripts, scripts, outlines, contracts, publications, scrapbooks, posters, audio visual materials, background information, and financial records which fully document the development of Mitchell's writing projects, dramatic performances, and radio, film, and television productions. Complimenting the literary papers are business correspondence, as well as files relating to Mitchell's involvement with various professional associations and professional activities such as speeches, readings, workshops, and tours. Correspondence class materials, student papers and other records document Mitchell's teaching activities, chiefly with the English Department at the University of Regina. The fonds also includes personal correspondence, personal financial records, biographical information, daily planners, and files relating to Mitchell's political activities with the New Democratic Party.

Mitchell, Ken, 1940-

Lorna Crozier fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1971-1995

Fonds consists of personal papers throughly documenting the private life and literary career of Canadian poet & writer, Lorna Crozier. While the arrangement of series varies somewhat among the accessions, as a whole the fonds contain the following series: Correspondence (personal and professional); Writings/Drafts (by Crozier & other writers); Professional Activites; Publications (buy and about Crozier and other authors); Personal files; Employment and Education files; Photographs; Posters; and Audio Visual Tapes. Beginning with her early student works a substantial portion of the papers is made up of drafts, revisions, gallery proofs, manuscripts, reviews, and published versions of poems, plays, short stories, and reviews written by Crozier, providing a detailed reflection of her development as a writer. Also noteworthy is the extensive personal and professional correspondence with family, friends, publishers and colleagues including such important Canadian writers as Susan Musgrave, John Newlove, Anne Szumigalski, Eli Mandel, and her husband Patrick Lane, as well as many others. Crozier's varied activities as an editor, teacher, speaker, interviewer, jurist, speech writer, and student are well represented in the papers, as are her associations with numerous literary and cultural organizations. The audio visual materials provide aural and visual glimpses into her life and work, and include audiotapes of interviews with various artists conducted by Crozier and of her and Lane's appearances on CBC Radio.

Crozier, Lorna, 1948-

Maggie Siggins fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1979-1991

Fonds consists of research materials and writings generated by journalist Maggie Siggins during the production of five books: 'Bassett: His Forty Years in Politics, Publishing, Business, and Sports' (James Lorimer and Company, 1979); 'Brian and the Boys: A Study of Gang Rape' (James Lorimer and Company, 1984); 'A Canadian Tragedy: JoAnn and Colin Thatcher: A Study of Love and Hate' (Macmillan of Canada, 1985); 'Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm' (McClelland and Stewart, 1991); and 'Riel: A Life of Revolution' (Harper Collins, 1994). While the arrangement varies amongst the various accessions, as a whole the records fall into four main series: Research Files, Interviews, Legal Materials, and Writings. The products of Siggins' thorough research, the first series contains magazine and news clipping, correspondence, biographical information on subjects and informants, notes, bibliographies, background materials, chronologies, photographs, articles, and copies of archival documents. The second series consists of audio recordings and/or transcripts of interviews with an extensive array of individuals who played major or minor roles in the events Siggins describes. Since a number of her books deal with court cases, the fonds also includes comprehensive legal documentation including proceedings of hearings and trials, affidavits, judgements, and files relating to forensic and medical evidence, laws and legal arguments, and testimony. The final series consists of outlines, drafts, manuscripts, galleys and correspondence relating to the writing and publication of the books. It should be noted that although Siggins' research occurred since 1979, the research files contain extensive historical material. This is particularly true for the Riel records in which is assembled a comprehensive collection of archival documents copied from repositories across Canada, and dating back to the early 1800s. Relating to the 'Bassett' book, the fonds includes only tape recorded interviews.

Siggins, Maggie, 1942-

Myrna Kostash fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1972-1990

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers of Myrna Kostash. Included are personal and business correspondence, financial records, association files, teaching records, project files, and records relating to her extensive writing activities. The latter include background material, research files, articles, drafts, corrections, manuscripts, speeches, presentations and readings, interviews, newspaper columns, correspondence, scripts, notes, and reviews. Of particular note are audio cassettes and transcripts of interviews Kostash conducted during research for two books, "Long way from home: the story of the sixties generation in Canada" and "No kidding: inside the world of teenage girls". Kostash's involvement with NeWest Press (1983-1989), and with numerous professional organizations including the Writers' Union of Canada (1978-1994), the Writers Guild of Alberta (1980-1988), and the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (1976-1984), are reflected in records consisting of correspondence, minutes, agendas, membership lists, newsletters, constitutions, policy papers, committee files, and other material.

Kostash, Myrna

Rex Deverell fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1956-1989

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers documenting the career of playwright and pastor Rex Deverell, 1956-1989. The records are arranged in the following series: Personal; Financial Records; General Correspondence; Globe Theatre; Pastoral Career/Religious Interests; Plays by Rex Deverell; Plays by Others; Professional Activities and Interests; Professional Associations; Publications; Writings by Rex Deverell; Writings by Others; and Tapes. The bulk of the fonds consists of background material, correspondence, notes, reviews, scripts, drafts, musical scores, songs, programs, audio tapes, photographs, printed copies, and other records relating to the writing and production of Deverell's many stage plays and TV/film plays, as well as his articles, early writings, poetry, radio commentaries, and short stories. Also of interest are the General Correspondence series which includes correspondence with several writers and theatre companies; the Globe Theatre files; the Pastoral Career/Religious Interests series which contains general files, sermons and notes, and other records relating to Deverell's pastoral life; and the Professional Activities and Interests and Professional Associations series which include records pertaining to the many conferences, workshops, and organizations with which he was involved. Small quantities of personal and family correspondence and photos are also present.

Deverell, Rex, 1941-

Terrence Heath fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1919-1996, predominant 1971-1993

Fonds consists of personal and professional papers created by Terrence Heath, a Saskatchewan freelance writer, cultural consultant, and curator. While the arrangement of series differs somewhat between accessions, as a whole the fonds contains corresspondence, financial records, personal files, publications, drafts and photographs, the bulk of which relate to Heath's writing and to his consulting activities. Of particular note is his vast correspondence with cultural organizations and galleries, government agencies, professional organizations, publishers and book dealers, universities, media outlets, writers, poets, artists, friends, family and others, which provide a wealth of information about the literary and cultural scene in Canada. The extensive series of Heath's writings and publications including articles, essays, reviews, books, exhibition catalogues, poetry, consultant's reports, manuscripts, plays, radio scripts and commentaries, filmscripts, short stories, student papers, and talks, provide insight into his development as a writer and his wide-ranging expertise in the cultural arena. Along with the writings and publications by other authors contained in the fonds, these records serve as a rich source for the study of Canada's cultural history chiefly during the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s. Small quantities of personal documents and financial records are also included.

Heath, Terrence, 1936-