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Allena Williams fonds

  • MG 514
  • Fonds
  • 1840-1843

This seems to be a complete day- by-day account of Allena Williams's life between May 26, 1840 and October 11, 1843 (Vol. 6). She was a regular churchgoer and a Sunday-School teacher. The diary notes various accounts of sermons and a service at St. Paul's for S.P.G. There are also accounts of concerts in Hanover Square Rooms, where there was music by Rossini, Schubert, and others, and Beethoven's Sonata in D. Minor finally played by Sterndale Bennette.
Furthermore, she was a studious and industrious woman who always seemed to have either a book or a needle or a pen in her hand, or to be singing or playing.

Williams, Allena

Bob Fink fonds

  • MG 616
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2017 (inclusive) ; 1976-2005 (predominant)

This fond contains mostly textual material, specifically copies of the books and articles Bob Fink wrote over his lifetime, mainly in regards to the evolution and origin of music and other topics related to music. The other half of the collection is copies of sheet music which he composed, mainly under the series name “Some New Old Music” as well as the opera Lysistrata. It has been published individually as well as in collections. There are also some recordings on a variety of media (CD, cassette, and reel to reel) which appear to contain recordings of Bob Fink playing his compositions.

Bob Fink kept an extensive website filled with the articles he wrote on a wide variety of topics. It also
contains links to articles he collected that were of interest to him and related to his areas of study. It
also contains MIDI’s of the music he composed. You can access the archived version of it here:

Fink, Robert

Bob Moyer fonds

  • MG 456
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1937]-2005 (inclusive); 1950-1996 (predominant).

This fonds contains materials primarily relating to Moyer’s musical career. It includes reel-to-reel tapes of sessions, live night club performances, dances and other concerts, studio recordings, and interviews. In addition there are numerous early vinyl recordings, posters, memorabilia, and some personal biographical materials.

Moyer, Robert Lloyd

C.A. and Eileen Wheaton Collection

  • MG 334
  • Fonds
  • 1893-1975

This collection is of early hymnals and sheet music, collected and used by the Wheatons.

Wheaton, Cecil Albert

College Of Arts and Science Dean's Office fonds

  • RG 2033
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1991

This fonds contains material relating to the research work, students, faculty and administration of the College of Arts and Sciences, and its departments. These records generally contain correspondence, minutes, reports, and memoranda; they may also contain material relating to associated national or international organizations, research articles, and addresses.

University of Saskatchewan. College of Arts and Science. Dean's Office

David Kaplan fonds

  • MG 282
  • Fonds
  • 1744-2014

This fond documents the life and career of David Kaplan. It contains material related to his family, academic and teaching career and community involvement.

Kaplan, David Leon

Department of Music fonds

  • RG 2047
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1982

This fonds contains files regarding curriculum and courses, equipment and resources, annual reports and other administrative duties. Also included is material relating to concerts, recitals, guest artists and lecturers, and workshops sponsored by the department. A separate accession contains correspondence, memoranda, and specifications pertaining to the department's move to the Education Building (1974-1976).

University of Saskatchewan. College of Arts and Science. Department of Music

Dick Warren fonds

  • SCM-RG-0035
  • Fonds
  • 24 April 2004

The fonds, related to the Swift Current Boys' Band, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:

Folder #1 - Photographs:

  1. 26 copies of a postcard with a photo of the Swift Current Boys' Band in Memorial Park, n.d.
  2. the Air Cadet band, (back row - standing): Charles Warren, Kelly Hayward, Art Elefson, Clifford Shirriff, George Shick, Maver McKay, Ernie Moen, Bill Wilson, Jack Hudson, Ross McLeod, Jim Standen, Ed Fisher, Ross Bearman, (front row - kneeling or sitting): Wilf Siebel, Gordon Traub, Alvin Carleton (?), Wally Walker, Ken Schmidt, Bill Ford, Gerald Thorneycroft, Dick Warren, Ken Moore, Everett Lett, Barry Traub (?), Ian Phillips, Ted White
  3. members of a Swift Current band (tintype photo)
  4. postcard with an image of a band in front of a horse-drawn wagon, ca. 1930s
  5. Swift Current Boys Band, photo taken inside an H-Hut, n.d.
  6. Swift Current Boys Band, 1913
  7. Swift Current Boys Band, n.d.
  8. Swift Current Boys Band, n.d.
  9. Swift Current Boys Band, taken on the front steps of Toronto City Hall, 1952
  10. Swift Current Boys Band, n.d.
  11. Swift Current City Band, 1921
  12. Swift Current City Band, ca. 1921
  13. Swift Current City Band, ca. 1913
  14. Swift Current City Band, ca. 1912
  15. Swift Current band, ca. 1910
  16. Medicine Hat band, ca. 1912
  17. Swift Current Citizen's Band, 1906: (back row) Reid, Marlow, Dick, Moote, Benson, Clinite, (middle row) Hodges, Sykes, Maxwell, Stephenson, Talman, Jones, (front row) Smith, Furnace
  18. Swift Current Citizen's Band, 1906: (back row) Reid, Marlow, Dick, Moote, Benson, Clinite, (middle row) Hodges, Sykes, Maxwell, Stephenson, Talman, Jones, (front row) Smith, Furnace
  19. Swift Current Boys Band in a parade, Calgary, 1956

Folder #2: scrapbook, containing newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, etc. that chronicle the band's events and trips, from 1949 to 1956, including their trips to Toronto, Calgary, Moose Jaw and Lethbridge.

Photographs in scrapbook:

  1. Swift Current Boy's Band banner
  2. four members of the Swift Current Boys Band, and three young women, posing in a restaurant, perhaps taken during the band's trip to Toronto in 1952
  3. members of the Swift Current Boys Band seated at long tables in a restaurant, perhaps taken during the band's trip to Toronto in 1952
  4. several members of the Swift Current Boys Band and a few young women seated at typesetting machines, perhaps taken during a tour of a newspaper office on the band's trip to Toronto in 1952
  5. several young women who are part of the Swift Current Boys Band, perhaps taken during the band's trip to Toronto in 1952
  6. members of the Swift Current Boys Band, a young women in the front row is holding a trophy, there is a welcome sign behind the band, taken in a restaurant, perhaps taken during the band's trip to Toronto in 1952
  7. Charles Warren (on the right) and two unidentified men, perhaps taken during the Swift Current Boys Band trip to Toronto in 1952
  8. a large audience in Memorial Park

Folder #3: book made for conductor Charles Warren, contains a poem and is signed in the back by all the band members

Folder #4: Swift Current Air Cadet Band attendance record, 1944 - 1946; list of Swift Current Boys Band members, 1952

Envelope #1: address to the Kiwanis Club of Prairie Pioneers, re: the history of community bands in Swift Current, given by Charles Warren in 1984; history of the Air Cadet Band; program for Swift Current Boys Band Golden Jubilee Concert; excerpt from a written history of the Swift Current Boys Band / Junior Band (pages 8 to 13, written for a University class on Recreation in Communities), list of Junior Band activities from 1968 - 1970 and proposed activities for 1972 - 1973, newspaper clippings; photographs:

Photographs in envelope #1:

  1. Swift Current Junior Band in a Frontier Days parade, ca. 1974 - 1975 (taken and developed by Patrick Laird)
  2. Swift Current Junior Band in a Frontier Days parade, ca. 1974 - 1975 (taken and developed by Patrick Laird)

Envelope #2: booklet "Marching Along Together: The Saga of the Swift Current Boys Band", 1954 (3 copies); booklet, "The Swift: A Review of Current Events/The Magazine of No. 39 SFTS Royal Air Force, SC", 1942; photograph

Photographs in envelope #2:

  1. several adults members of a band, brass section, band and individuals are unidentified

Discrete items: photograph #31, Swift Current Boys Band in a parade in Calgary in 1956; framed document, "Mr. Charles W. Warren/A Testimonial/This scroll is presented to Mr. Charles W. Warren upon his retirement as bandmaster of the Swift Current Boys Band"

Swift Current Boys’ Band

Ernest Albert Howes fonds

  • MG 525
  • Fonds
  • 1934

Typewritten copies of E. Howe’s three radio talks on the Ontario Rural Folk Lore and the war songs, shanty songs, and farmer songs of the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Howes, Ernest Albert

Frank Glass Photograph Collection

  • FGPC
  • Collection
  • 1975-1997

The Frank Glass Photograph Collection spans approximately ten decades of the history of Rosetown and district, consisting of photographs taken by and collected by Frank Glass.

Gladys Angley fonds

  • Fonds
  • [1931]-1973, 1981

Fonds consists of correspondence, Curriculum Vitae, programs, newspaper clippings, and an issue of Musical Life (1933), all pertaining to the piano teaching and performance career of Gladys Angley.

Angley, Gladys

Henry T. Abley

  • MG 457
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1994

The collection includes original hand-written musical scores; photocopies, mimeographs and fax copies of original scores (often with hand-written notes or annotations) composed by Abley; lyric sheets; printed scores – some on a home-printer and coil-bound. In addition to the original musical compositions, this fonds contains memorabilia and information about Henry Abley, his career, recitals and performances such as: newspaper clippings, information pamphlets, CBC radio programme information, choir contact lists, articles and scores written about/by Canadian [colleagues], concert programmes, personal and professional correspondence, church programs and newspaper clippings related to his career.

Abley, Henry T.

Isabelle Mills fonds

  • MG 151
  • Fonds
  • 1907-2021 (inclusive) ; 1960-1990 (predominant)

The fonds includes records documenting Isabelle Mills’ career as a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, a doctoral candidate at Columbia University, and a teacher at Brandon College. Her strong interest in and promotion of Canadian music is reflected in a broad collection of musical scores, including relatively early sheet music; correspondence relating to the Canadian Music Centre; records relating to courses taught and Canadian music concerts organized; and other material including a variety of general information about Canadian music and composers. Her role as director of the Quance Chorus at the University of Saskatchewan is documented by a fairly complete set of concert programs and a selection of audio tapes of concerts. There are also records relating to church music (including a variety of United Church of Canada hymn books); records relating to Canadian music; musical scores including piano, vocal and choral music. There is also material relating to her research and extension/community service activities, including her lecture tour to the Ukraine and the Buxtehude/Scheidt Festival and Conference; material relating to her role as Assistant Dean; and other material including personal memorabilia and administrative correspondence.

Mills, Isabelle

Jim Pratt fonds

  • SCM-RG-0047
  • Fonds
  • 1973 - 2013

The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:
-Volume 1: binder, 'Odds 'n Ends Band/Swift current/1973-2013/Forty Years of Old-Time Music for the Community', contains newspaper clippings, minutes, information, photographs, and other information
-A.2014.1.1, 1980, photograph of band
-A.2014.1.2, certificate
-A.2014.1.3, composite of band photographs
-A.2014.1.4, band uniform hat
-A.2014.1.5, uniform vest
-A.2014.1.6, uniform bowtie
-A.2014.1.7, uniform bowtie

Odds 'n Ends Band

J.V. Hicks fonds

  • MG 194
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1999 , predominant 1985-1997

This fonds documents the literary and musical activities of John Hicks. It includes extensive incoming and outgoing correspondence with writers, publishers, editors, friends and colleagues, as well as a large quantity of unpublished poetry and prose.

Hicks, John Victor, 1907-1999

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