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  • Early Methodists in Canada (up to 1920s) are distinct from later congregations of Free Methodists (ca.1970s).
  • Formation of the United Church in 1925 involved the transfer of many existing Methodist congregations, ministers and properties.

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Alameda and Frobisher Pastoral Charges fonds

  • FL 006
  • Fonds
  • 1889–1987

The fonds consists of textual materials generated by Alameda Pastoral Charge, Frobisher Pastoral Charge, Alameda-Frobisher Pastoral Charge, their predecessors and constituent churches – boards, committees and related bodies, local women’s units and other groups.

Contents include: minutes of Official Board, Church Council, congregation, session, stewards, managers, committees, Mission Band and Sunday School meetings; local unit records of the Women’s Missionary Society (W.M.S.), United Church Women (U.C.W.), and Young Peoples’ Society; membership and historic rolls, going back as far as the Alameda and Frobisher Methodist Circuits; a historical sketch of Frobisher Union Church; registers of baptisms, marriages and burials that took place at Alameda Methodist/United Church, Ebenezer, Douglaston, Middleton, Dalesboro, Frobisher Union/United Church, Albany, Earnwein, Out-of-Sight, Rockland. There is also a booklet “My Last Messages to My Frobisher People” (1929), containing a list of sermons by A. Russell.

Alameda Pastoral Charge

Arcola District (Methodist) fonds

  • FA 11
  • Fonds
  • 1904–1925

The fonds consists of financial district minutes and statements (1904-1921), and Ministerial Session minutes (1905-1925) from Arcola District of the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church (Canada) Arcola District

Arthur Whiteside diary - Prince Albert Presbytery

Typed copy of "A Diary of Reverend Arthur Whiteside, 1850-1926" (108 pages), as presented to Wesley Church by W. Carleton Whiteside, M.D., in 1954. Rev. Whiteside was a Methodist clergyman who, in 1880, went by river boat from Edmonton to Prince Albert, where he established the Wesley Church and worked for three years as a missionary.

Balcarres District (Methodist) fonds

  • FA 12
  • Fonds
  • 1906–1925

The fonds consists of financial district minutes and statements (1906-1925), and Ministerial Session minutes (1907-1925) from Balcarres District of the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church (Canada) Balcarres District

Battleford District (Methodist) fonds

  • FA 13
  • Fonds
  • 1906–1925

The fonds consists of financial district minutes and statements (1905-1924), Ministerial Session minutes (1906-1925), and Sunday School records (1915-1918) from Battleford District of the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church (Canada) Battleford District

Biographies collection

  • FG 20
  • Collection
  • ca.1900s–2001

The collection consists of primarily textual materials relating to various ministers and other lay people associated with the United Church, in Saskatchewan. Contents include obituaries, newspaper articles, pamphlets, programs, publications, and various other documents containing biographical information. Some are accompanied by portraits.

Church Histories collection

  • FG 19
  • Collection
  • ca.1925–1986

The collection consists primarily of documents relating to the histories of various local churches in Saskatchewan. Contents include written historical narratives (sketches) and notes, newspaper articles, pamphlets, and publications. Among these are volumes 1 and 2 of the local history book "Early History of Saskatchewan Churches (Grass Roots)", compiled and edited by Meredith B. Banting, ca.1975.

Church Union collection

  • FG 09
  • Collection
  • ca.1900–1936

The collection consists of primarily textual materials relating to the Church Union movement and the organizations involved, including the Joint Committee on Church Union. There appears to be a mix of original documents and various published and copied items.

Contents include: Basis of Union documents from the Presbyterian Church (1905-1908) and Methodist Church (1909); records of proceedings, minutes, and publications by and relating to the Joint Committee on Church Union and its Subcommittees; documents relating to proposed legislation (1922-1924), the Act Incorporating the United Church of Canada, House of Commons debates on the topic, and associated Saskatchewan legislation (1924); publications and articles relating to the anti-union movement and the legal issues resulting from the division of the Presbyterian Church; copies of information regarding the voting returns on Union from across Canada (1925-1926); maps showing communities with local union churches; and a poster published by the Union Committee of the Presbyterian Church (1924).

Joint Committee on Church Union

Cooperating Committee of Saskatchewan fonds

  • FA 08
  • Fonds
  • 1911–1925

The fonds consists of textual materials created by and relating to the Methodist-Presbyterian Cooperating Committee of Saskatchewan (later the Provincial Committee on Cooperation), its committees and related individuals and bodies.

Contents include: minutes of the Cooperating Committee of Saskatchewan (1911-1925); various Local Cooperating Committees minutes (1920-1925), possibly collected by/for the Cooperating Committee of Saskatchewan; publications and articles regarding cooperating and union churches, in Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada (1911-1922). There are also files of correspondence, relating to Local Unions in Balgonie and Trevarga (1913-1914), Yellow Grass (1917), and other locations (1921-1925), as well as signed agreements and lists relating to united charges at Fillmore, Manor, Nokomis, Rokeby, Saltcoats and Sintaluta (1921) and double-affiliation charges at Bladworth, Briercrest, Carlyle, Drinkwater, Dundurn, Fillmore-Osage, Girvin, Hawarden, Sceptre, Viscount, Willmar and Wapella (1920-1925).

Cooperating Committee of Saskatchewan

Goose Lake District (Methodist) fonds

  • FA 14
  • Fonds
  • 1911–1921

The fonds consists of Ministerial Session minutes (1911-1921) from Goose Lake District of the Methodist Church.

Methodist Church (Canada) Goose Lake District

Harold E. Coveney fonds

  • PR 23
  • Fonds
  • 1911–1960

The fonds consists of records created and collected by Rev. Coveney, in his time as an ordained minister in Saskatchewan. Contents include a record of baptisms (1911-1960), marriages (1911-1960), and burials (1929-1960).

Coveney, Harold E.

Harris family fonds

  • PR 07
  • Fonds
  • ca.1904–1936

The fonds consists of letters and photographs (some with explanatory notes) sent to members of the Harris family – including Mrs. Oliver Harris, Eva and Lucy Harris – by members of the Methodist clergy who had served at North Portal, Saskatchewan.

Contents include letters from and/or relating to: Jesse Arnup, 1907-1936; Mrs. Charles Endicott, 1904-1910; Herbert Harris,1911-1912; Herbert Harrison, 1913-1914; Ethan Riley Hine, 1907; Fred Martin, 1910; F.G. Norris, 1919; and Rev. Thomas Oliver, 1916-1923. Photographic portraits accompany the Arnup, Harrison, Hine, and Martin documents.

Helena Brooks' Lifetime Membership to the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church

A certificate with a green hard cover declaring Helena E. (Nellie) Brooks as a life member of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. Includes a letter from Edith Shelford (President) explaining why she has received the certificate as thanks for her past help for the society.

Methodist Church (Canada). Woman's Missionary Society

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