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Regina General Hospital Photograph Collection

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  • 1905-1995 (Produção)
    Regina General Hospital
    Regina (Sask.)
  • 1889-1905 (Produção)
    Regina General Hospital
    Regina (N.W.T.)

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2726 photographs and other material

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Hospital services in Regina began in 1896 when the Land Titles Building at the corner of Hamilton Street and 13th Avenue was rented, furnished and equipped as the new six-bed hospital. The Victoria Order of Nurses provided nursing services to the Cottage Hospital, as it was called, under an appointed Board of Directors. In 1899, a new building was erected on Hamilton Street south of 14th Avenue, funded by public subscription and a contribution from the VON. The new 25-bed facility, named Victoria Hospital, was ready for service in 1900 and officially opened in September 1901. A Training School for Nurses was launched in this hospital in 1902, as the VON had ceased to provide nursing services. In 1907 the City of Regina Health and Relief Department assumed control of the hospital which was renamed the Regina General Hospital. A new 100-bed facility was completed in 1911 at the present site on 14th Avenue. The buildings underwent many additions and renovations over the years and by 1950 bed capacity had reached 807. Construction continued during the 1950s and 1960s, and an extensive Regeneration Program was carried out during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1974, Regina General Hospital was taken over by the Province of Saskatchewan, and the consolidation of health services followed. Reorganisation of Saskatchewan health services commenced in 1992, resulting in the establishment of the Regina District Health Board (14 February 1992) and the Regina Health District (May 1993). Regina General Hospital became one of several facilities integrated in the new district health services plan under the management of one administration and one Board. In 2002 the District amalgamated with two others to form the Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health Authority. As one of two tertiary care institutions, the Regina General Hospital continues to hold a key role in the Region's integrated health care system. The following individuals have served as Superintendent or Executive Director of Regina General Hospital: Charles Barton (1948-1965), Dr. Ernest Appleyard (1953-1958), Dr. A. Pickles (1965-1967), H. M. J. Westcott (1967-1968), E. C. (Edward) Emery (1968-1975), Dr. D. W. Carnduff (1975- 1976), and Royce H. Gill (1976-1993).

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Nome do produtor

História custodial

When the Regina General Hospital Museum/Archives Committee was established in 1982, significant photographs were identified throughout the hospital and relocated to the museum for preservation. Private donations were also solicited. Later donations to the museum were made by various hospital departments and by private individuals. Provenance for many of the photographs is unclear.

Âmbito e conteúdo

Collection consists of photographs documenting the history and development of the Regina General Hospital. Photographs depict physicians, staff, volunteers, and patients of the hospital; the interior and exterior of the hospital buildings, including renovations and construction; equipment; employee events and leisure activities; students, including graduation ceremonies and portraits; patient care services; museum artifacts and displays; and the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Services. Photographs also depict the buildings of the Pasqua Hospital, Plains Health Centre, and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Prominent individuals featured in photographs include Executive Directors: Charles E. Barton, Dr. Ernest Appleyard, A. C. Pickles, H. M. J. Westcott, Dr. D. W. Carnduff, Edward C. Emery, and Royce H. Gill; Chairmen of the Board of Governors: Gordon B. Grant (also Minister of Public Health), Donald M. McPherson, Ken P. R. Hodges, C. Hewitt Helmsing, F. M. (Mike) Badham, and Orville L. Off; and members of the Board of Governors. Also depicted are H.G.R. (Harry) Walker and H. H. P. (Henry) Baker, Mayors of Regina; Walter C. Smishek and Herman H. Rolfes, Ministers of Health; and Isobel Colvin, Administrator (Patient Care) and Director of the School of Nursing, and Eleanor Linnell, Director, Nursing Education. Celebrities depicted include Ernie Coombs (Mr. Dressup), child entertainer; and Nancy Greene (Raine), world class skier.

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Photographs of known provenance have been arranged in two series based on creator. Photographs of unknown provenance have been arranged in the General Photographs series

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Materiais associados

Related material: Other records relating to the Regina General Hospital may be found in the Regina General Hospital fonds and the Regina Health District fonds. Other records relating to the Regina General Hospital School of Nursing and the experiences of nursing students may be found in the Regina General Hospital School of Nursing fonds, the Etta Birdsall fonds, and in the fonds of nursing alumnae Lesley Weston Ellis, Edna Carson Korpan, Lynn McRorie Robertson, Nora Kitchen Eddy, and Eleanor Linnell.

Associated material: For records of the Regina General Hospital School of Nursing, see Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina General Hospital School of Nursing fonds, 1902-1972, R-132.

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Collection includes 2726 photographs : b&w and col. ; 35.4 x 100.5 cm or smaller. -- 731 negatives : b&w and col. ; 10.0 x 12.5 cm or smaller. -- 150 slides : b&w and col. ; 5.0 x 5.0 cm and 4.9 x 4.9 cm. -- 19 posters. -- 2 postcards

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Accessions 1999.13; 1999.69; 1999.72; and 1999.79, photo nos. 1-86, 100-338, 340-342, 344-404, 406-409, 412-436, 438-468, 471-474, 478-489, 491-531, 533-536, 542, 544-571, 574-585, 588-1656, 1659, 1661-1689, 1691-1809, 1811-1953, 1971-2135, 2138-2179, 234

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