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Wakaw (Sask.) Hospitals√

Wakaw Hospital [Anna Turnbull Hospital]

  • SCAA-UCCS-0162
  • Instelling
  • 1906–1942

The first hospital at Wakaw was built around 1906, sponsored by the [Presbyterian] Board of Women's Home Missionary Society, to serve the immigrants settled around Wakaw Lake (near the Geneva Mission, served by Rev. and Mrs. Arthur). It was named the Anna Turnbull Memorial Hospital, in honour of a local pastor's late wife. In 1911, a larger new building was constructed nearby for hospital activities and the old building was re-purposed to contain staff quarters and supplies storage.

In December 1942, the hospital was closed and the W.M.S. sold its contents and building (which was disassembled). The last doctor assigned there, Dr. R.G. Scott, retired in 1943 and was honoured by the Woman's Missionary Society, Saskatchewan Conference. The W.M.S. hospital would later be succeeded by the Dr. Scott Memorial Hospital, which opened in 1947.