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Abernethy (Sask.)

Abernethy Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0402
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1925–1969?, 1989–

Abernethy Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, containing preaching points at Abernethy, Kenlis, Chickney, and Gillespie. Around 1959, it joined with Lemberg to become Abernethy-Lemberg Pastoral Charge. (The new charge would become part of Pheasant Creek Larger Parish ca.1969-1989, before re-emerging.)

Pheasant Creek Larger Parish

  • SCAA-UCCS-0123
  • Entidade coletiva
  • ca.1969–1989

Pheasant Creek Larger Parish was a pastoral charge created around 1969, from an amalgamation of Abernethy-Lemberg Pastoral Charge (with Abernethy, Lemberg and Neudorf points), Balcarres-Pheasant Forks Pastoral Charge (with Balcarres, Duff and Lorlie points) and File Hills "Indian" Pastoral Charge. Around 1980, File Hills separated to re-establish itself as a separate charge.

As of July 1, 1989, the charge was split into Abernethy-Lemberg (a.k.a. Lemberg-Abernethy), Balcarres, and Duff Pastoral Charges.

Lemberg Pastoral Charge

  • SCAA-UCCS-0430
  • Entidade coletiva
  • 1925–1969?, 1989–

Lemberg Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, part of Abernethy Presbytery and containing preaching points at Lemberg, Rosewood and Neudorf.

Around 1959 Abernethy Pastoral Charge and Lemberg Pastoral Charge amalgamated to form Abernethy-Lemberg Pastoral Charge (a.k.a. Lemberg-Abernethy Pastoral Charge). This was combined with Balcarres-Pheasant Forks Pastoral Charge ca.1969, to create Pheasant Creek Larger Parish. In 1989, the Parish split into Abernethy-Lemberg, Balcarres, and Duff Pastoral Charges.