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Melfort & District Museum

Anderson, Evelyn

  • SCN00141
  • Persoon
  • 1913-197-?

Evelyn Anderson (nee Goodson) was born August 10, 1913. Her parents, William Hayle Goodson and Mary Goodson (nee Bevington), had emmigrated from Nebraska, USA to the Naisberry, Saskatchewan district ca. 1911. As William Goodson had poor health, the family spent time both on the farmstead and in nearby Melfort, Saskatchewan. Evelyn's education was obtained at the Naisberry school, the Melfort Public School, and the Melfort High School. She briefly joined her sister in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but did not enjoy city life, so returned to Melfort. Evelyn worked at Stewart's Store and Harry Hunter's Bookstore in Melfort during the 1930s. She married Bert Anderson in 1932. Following the marriage, the two moved to a farmstead, but would later move back to the town. The Andersons had five children.

Currie, Vera R. (Née Baity)

  • SCAA-MDM-2001-117
  • Persoon
  • 193? - ??

Vera R. Currie (nee Baity) is the daughter of Lyla R. Baity (nee Wilkinson). Vera's mother was born in 1912 on the Beatrice (nee Barnum) and Jack Wilkinson homestead near Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This farm was sold following the First World War, and the Wilkinsons moved to Quesnel, British Columbia, where Lyla remained. Vera Currie was born in Quesnel, and attended school there, but moved to Salt Lake City, USA, after marriage.

Austin, Gilbert

  • SCAA-MDM-2001-88
  • Persoon
  • 19--?

not available

Campbell, Velma

  • Persoon
  • 1924 -

Velma Campbell was born in 1924 on her family's farm in Ethelton, Saskatchewan. Her parents were Dennis Roy Groat and Majorie Groat (Olsen). Velma married William C. Campbell and together they had one daughter, Darlene Mae. Velma worked as a stenographer at Groat's Garage. She also enjoyed writing poetry and dramatic works. Her play "Oh, Those Golden Years" was performed by the Lacenda Club. Velma's husband William was a pilot in the Canadian Military. From 1941-1945 he was stationed in England as a rear air gun runner. William was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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