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Melfort & District Museum

Rolles, Muriel

  • SCN00171
  • Person

Muriel Rolles was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dertell of the Star City area. Muriel persued a carear as a school teacher. In 1936 she married Arthur Rolles and moved to his farm which was located near Star City. In the winter the couple would live in the town of Star City and in the summer months move back out to their farm, until in 1969 they sold the farm. They had one son Dale Rolles.

Queen's Park School District No. 377

  • SCN00170
  • Corporate body
  • 1850-1950 [?]

Before the advent of large administrative units in the middle 1900s, Saskatchewan had small school districts every 4-6 miles apart. Most districts consisted of a single 'One Room School.' The Dominion Government made provisions that Sections 11 and 29 of each township were school sections. In an era when transportation was via walking or horse and no roads, travel was difficult. When hauling grain to elevators with horse and wagon, approximately seven miles was considered to be a convenient distance.

Flett, Kathleen

  • Person

Kathleen Flett, one of six children, was born to Robert ("Bob") Flett and Mildred Flett (nee Hill). Kathleen currently lives and works in Melfort, Saskatchewan. Her father, Bob, was the son of Dave Flett and Mary Flett (nee McClure). Bob's father and grandparents, John Flett and Janet Flett (nee Bannerman) homesteaded in the area near Ethelton, Saskatchewan, that would come to be known as Flett's Springs.

Fedosa, Sandra

  • Person
  • 19--?

Sandra Fedosa lives in Brampton, Ontario. Her mother, Vera McLean, is from Melfort, Saskatchewan.

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