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Watson, Linvill Fielding

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  • 1918-1996

Linvill F. and Avra G. Watson were a husband and wife team of anthropologists whose research and academic interests often overlapped. Dr. Linvill F. Watson was born in Philadelphia in 1918. He attended the University of Pennsylvania earning an A.B. in 1938 and a PhD. in 1953 (dissertation: "Northern Ibo Social Stratification and Acculturation"). Dr. L.F. Watson held several academic positions before joining the University of Saskatchewan in 1966, including several years with both the University of Maryland Overseas Program and Lafayette College. At the University of Saskatchewan, he started in the Department of Sociology in 1966; was cross-appointed to the Department of Sociology and the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology from 1970 to 1980 (continuing as an Associate Member in Sociology until 1982); and remained in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology until his retirement as a full professor in 1986. His fields of expertise included African culture and the Canadian North. He died in Saskatoon in 1996.

Watson, Avra Peter (nee Ginieres)

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  • 1922-

Dr. Avra G. Watson was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1922. She earned a B.A. (1945) and an M.A. (1949) from Boston University. In 1976, she completed her PhD. in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh when she submitted the thesis “Melanesian Cargo Movements: A Developmental Analysis.” Her first appointment at the University of Saskatchewan was in 1966 as a Research Associate with the College of Commerce’s Canadian Centre for Community Studies. From 1967 until 1970, she was an Assistant Professor (hired as a Cultural Anthropologist) in the Department of Educational Foundations. In the mid 1980s, she was a sessional lecturer in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. Dr. Avra G. Watson’s academic interests included social change and movements, anthropology and education, women’s studies, Latin America, urban anthropology and Canadian society and culture.

Carpenter Family

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  • Familie
  • 1838 -

The Carpenter family had members in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Connecticut, California, and Wisconsin; and were related to the Smith, Lawrence, Richmond, Paul, and Orr families. Edward Richmond Carpenter was born in Woodstock, Conn., 16 Jun 1838; Jessie Leonora Smith was born in Lloydtown, On., on 17 Jun 1844. They married on 27 Sep 1864. The Collingwood, On. cemetery contains a headstone for Edward Richmond Carpenter (1838-1914), his wife Jessie Leonora Smith Carpenter (1844-1921), and those of their children who predeceased them: Paul Amasa (1865-1890) John White (1867-1871) Mary Richmond (1870-1870) Jane Lawrence (1876-1912); [also known as "Jennie"]; m. John Rowland Orr; 2 children Jessie Lenora (1878-1883) Cyril Richmond (1889-1912) Three of their children were buried elsewhere: Edward Michael Carpenter (1871-1943) buried at Oceanside, CA Henry Stanley Carpenter (1874-1950) buried at Regina, SK Louise Melville Carpenter Harper (1879-1963); m. Clarence J. Harper; buried at Kingston, ON [Edward Richmond Carpenter's brother], Ezra C. Carpenter (1832-1891) [was also buried at Collingwood]. Edward Michael Carpenter married Eva Victoria Aylsworth on 17 Jun 1896; they had three children: Dorothy Winn (1897-1989); m. Arthur Cecil Henzell; one son, Arthur Louise Aylesworth (1902-1985); m. Rex Edward Fountain; two sons, Wayne and Lloyd Ruth Richmond (1903-1904) Henry Stanley Carpenter married Jessie Ross Cameron; they had five children: Edward Stanley Cameron (1904-1956); [also known as "Jim"] Paul Hamilton (1905-199?) John Richmond (?) [also known as "Jack"] Alison Hamilton (1913-?) Nancy Ross (1916-1991) One of Paul Hamilton Carpenter's children was David Cameron Carpenter; one of John Richmond Carpenter's children was Nancy Linforth Carpenter

Jardine, Rose (nee Ducie)

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  • 1911-2003

Rose Ducie was born in 1911. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with an honors degree in English and History when she was 19 years old and in 1935, enrolled in Business College. She joined the staff of the Western Producer in 1937 as assistant to the women's editor, Violet McNaughton. When Violet McNaughton retired in 1950, Rose became women's editor for the Producer; a position she retained until her marriage to Allen Jardine in 1960. They lived briefly in Flaxcombe, then moved to Oyen, Alberta, where they ran a farm machinery dealership. She served on the Oyen Chamber of Commerce for over 27 years and was extremely active within the community. During this time she wrote a column, "Garden Chat," for the Producer. Her final column was written in 1996. Rose died in 2003.

Wittlin, Marie-Louise

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Marie-Louise Wittlin, a native of Switzerland, attended the Seminar Bernarda, Menzingen, where she obtained a Teaching Degree in Home Economics in 1963, specializing in fashion design, art and costume history, and tailoring. For the next three years, she taught courses in dressmaking, tailoring, and textiles at the School of Home Economics, Sissach, Switzerland. In 1968, Wittlin moved to Saskatoon. It was not until 1975 that she combined her skill with fabric and design with her love of the theatre. In that year, she designed the costumes for University of Saskatchewan French Department's production of "Le Tartuffe." That first production opened up a new direction in Wittlin's life. She was to go on to design and create costumes for several amateur and professional theater groups including Gateway Players, 25th Street House, Greystone Theatre, Magnus Theatre, Persephone Theatre, The Riverbank Opera Company, Theatre Rosthern, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and Unitheatre. In 1979, she enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan's Department of Drama and graduated in 1984 with Great Distinction. From 1983 until 1994, Wittlin was the Head of Wardrobe, Resident Costume Designer with Saskatoon's Persephone Theatre. She joined the faculty of the Department of Drama at the U of S in 1994.

Henderson, T.Y. (Professor of Philosophy)

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Judith Rice Henderson is a Professor of English and former associate dean at the University of Saskatchewan. T.Y. Henderson is a retired Professor of Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan.

Colleaux, Victor V.

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  • 1891-1974

Victor Colleaux was born on June 6, 1891 at Oak Lake, Manitoba. In 1904 the Colleaux family moved to Saskatchewan, where in the following 10 years they operated hotels in Vonda, Borden and Buchanan. In 1911, Victor’s father, Mr. Frank Colleaux purchased the Albany Hotel and moved to Saskatoon.
In 1920, Frank Colleaux retired, and Victor took over the management of the Albany Hotel. He later purchased the Barry Hotel and the Windsor Hotel. He became a director of the Hotel Association of Saskatchewan in 1928. During the years of 1935 to 1957 he was a vice-president of the Association. He was instrumental in drafting Provincial liquor legislation of the time. Victor retired from the Hotel Association in 1965.
In 1927 Victor Colleaux married Lethe. She died on July 9, 1964. On April 10, 1965 Victor married Zelma (DeLagassy) Egge. She was a widow, a daughter of family friends, F.X. (Jack) and Alvena DeLagassy. Being a true "hotel man" Victor had always resided in hotels. His address until 1968 was the Bessborough Hotel. In 1968 he and Zelma moved to Saskatoon's brand new high-rise apartment building, Marquis Towers.
In 1966, Victor and Zelma established the Victor & Lethe Colleaux Scholarships for undergraduate students at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Between 1984 and 1997, Zelma kept a record book of each of the student award winners and corresponded personally with the recipients.
Victor Colleaux died suddenly in Saskatoon on July 13, 1974. He was survived by Zelma, who passed away in 2001.

Currie, Robert, 1937-. ; writer

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Writer Robert Currie was born in Lloydminster in 1937 and spent his teenage years in Moose Jaw, SK He attended the University of Saskatchewan earning a pharmacy degree followed by an Honours BA in English and a Bachelor of Education degree. He returned to Moose Jaw were he taught high school, and wrote. Since his poetry was first published in 1965, Currie's work has appeared in numerous literary publications and 40 anthologies. He has two short fiction collections, four poetry collections, several radio plays and a novel to his credit. His awards include three first prizes in the Saskatchewan Literary Awards, third prize for poetry in the 1980 CBC National Literary Competition, and a 1977 Ohio State Award for radio drama. In addition, Currie has been active promoting the work of others. He started a magazine of contemporary writing called Salt in 1969 and was a founding member of the Thunder Creek Publishing Co- operative (Coteau Books). His contributions to the Saskatchewan literary community were recognized in 1984 with a "Founders Award" from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. After 30 years of teaching Robert Currie retired to write full time.

Vaughan, Frederick

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Frederick Vaughan is the author of Aggressive in Pursuit: the life of Justice Emmett Hall (University of Toronto Press for the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, 2004). He is a professor emeritus of political studies at the University of Guelph, and previously taught at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Kovalenko, George

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George Kovalenko was born in Saskatoon on 1 May 1952, but grew up in Struan, Saskatchewan. He spent his formative years in the golden age of the small-town prairies, but his family later moved to Saskatoon. After high school he took up studies at the University of Saskatchewan, earning a BFA degree (1976). Kovalenko had an early interest in film and drama, and became a member of the U. of S. Film Society, and IATSE, the theatrical stage employees union. He researched all of Saskatoon's early theatre buildings, and as a consequence of this work, in 1994 he joined the staff of the Local History Room in the Saskatoon Public Library. His interest in collecting fountain pens and ink bottles led him to research writing instruments of all kinds. His articles on both heritage buildings and writing instruments have appeared in journals around the world and on the Internet, and most recently he published a book on fountain pen patents. He continues to write and conduct research on local history issues and international writing matters.

Swan, Peter Michael

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  • 1931-

Peter Michael Swan was born on October 4, 1931 in the village of Kennedy, Saskatchewan. He earned three degrees from the University of Saskatchewan: a B.A. Honours (1952), M.A. (1957), and B.Ed (1959). He completed a Ph.D. in Classical Philology from Harvard University in 1965. Dr. Swan became a permanent faculty member of the University of Saskatchewan in 1962. He held a variety of administrative posts and played an important role in the creation of the University's Museum of Antiquities. Dr. Swan served as the Assistant Dean of Arts and Science, Acting Head of the Departments of Art, Classics/Greek and Roman Studies, and Modern Languages and as the Director of the Learned Society Conference, University Studies Group and Undergraduate Programs and Students in the Department of History. His scholarly specialties are the early Roman Empire, in particular the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero (31 B.C. - A.D. 68), and the Roman historian Cassius Dio, on whom he has written various articles and edited two books. In 2004, his book, "The Augustan Succession", was published by Oxford University Press. Dr Swan was honoured by the University of Saskatchewan at its 1989 Spring Convocation with the Master Teacher Award. He was named Professor Emeritus of History upon his retirement in 1999.

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