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Beatty, Saskatchewan, Canada

A photo of Beatty looking to the west. It has been taken from a high vantage point. There is a dirt road and wooden sidewalks.

Showing of calves

Approximately six cows lined up with their owners. There are people sitting on benches watching the judging.

Beatty Ladies Aid at Ethel Lobb's Home

United Church Ladies Aid meeting at the home of Ethel Lobb at Beatty, Saskatchewan. L-R: in doorway - Mrs. J. Bohn, Dad Leard, Mrs. Rasmussen, Mrs. Lowther, Ellison Lowther, L. Lobb, Lydia Lobb, (Unknown), Jennie Sproule, Carrie Ekstrand, Alice Lobb, Mrs. Ekstrand, L. Berry, Ada Warner, Edith Mann, Sally Sproule, Mary Ekstrand, Flo Bohn, May Ross, Helen Lobb, Myrtle Mann, Bergloit Bohn, Mrs. Cazes, Mary Clark; Ekstrand children in front.

Airplane at Melfort, Sask.

An action shot of a plane landing in a field in the Melfort area. Names of people in photo are unknown.

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