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Albert Carlson fonds

  • AC
  • Collectie
  • 1905 - [ca. 1955], predominant [ca. 1930 - 1940]

The collection contains 24 photographic reproductions of original photographs of members of the John Carlson family, local farming activities, and farm equipment. Several depict views of Melfort in early states of development. Historically significant images include that of a Mr. and Mrs. Bagshaw at "Melfort House" in the U.K.

Carlson, Albert

Ruth Marshall Collection

  • RML
  • Collectie
  • [1940?] - [1950?]

The Collection contains black and white photographs from Ruth Marshall's private collection. All of the photographs are of Melfort businesses and streets including the water tower, train station, and Sask-Tel building.

Gilbert Austin collection

  • 2001-88
  • Collectie
  • [191-?] [192-?]

The collection contains two photographs. They were taken between the 1910's and 1920's. They include an image of a work bee planting a crop for Mrs. Brice after her husband's death and an image of two people standing with a tractor.

Austin, Gilbert

Canadian Daughters League, Moose Jaw Assembly collection

  • MJ-053
  • Collectie
  • 1931-1962

This collection consists of a scrapbook, primarily newspaper clippings of the activities and events of the Moose Jaw CDL between the years 1931 to 1962. There are also sections in the scrapbook of newspaper clippings on Canadian women, and Canadian war news. Most of the clippings are undated and no sources cited.

Canadian Daughters League

Bill and Ann Heselton collection

  • MJ-187
  • Collectie
  • [195-?]-2012

This fonds reflects the research conducted by Bill and Anne Heselton about the Moose Jaw Electric Railway, Benjamin de Forest “Pat” Bayly, The Empress of Ireland, and Moose Jaw Transit.

Heselton, Bill and Ann

ECM Photograph Collection

  • ECM
  • Collectie
  • 1880 - present

Photographs of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and the surrounding area

Biggar Photograph Collection

  • BPC
  • Collectie
  • 1900-?

Collection contains photos and postcards reflecting Biggar and District.

Lloydminster and District Oral Histories Collection

  • Collectie
  • 1961-2001, predominant 1995-2001

This collection consists of oral history interviews with people of note in the Lloydminster and district area conducted or collected by the Local History Committee of the Lloydminster and District Centennial Commemorative Association, Inc. Some of the early interviews, many conducted by Marilyn Thorpe, pre-date the creation of the Association. Subjects include family histories, weddings, child rearing, community activities and events. The collection also contains photographs of a few of the people interviewed. The interviews include the following people: Archer, Bertha; Allen, Jack; Bayton, Dorothy; Beamish, Mildred; Behm, Louise; Bexson, Alan; Beynon, Lewis; Boyce, Irene; Carmody, Joe; Cavanaugh, Leo; Clarkson, Norman; Collinge, Jack; Cooke, G. L.; Coulter, Charlie; Cox, Phillip; Creech, Frank; Derkson, Vivien; Doucet, Leo; Fisher, Sylvia; Foster, Franklin; Freeman, Ed; Godden, Florence; Graham, Lillian; Gulak, Pat; Gunn, Brad; Harris, Ron Sr.; Hemstock, Jim; Henry, Bev; Hill, Joseph; Holt, Pete; Hudson, Gordon; Jack, Bob; Jones, Dick; Juba, Vic; Kemp, Jack; Kenyon, Ron; King, Grant and Billie Lou; Kondro, Bill; Lindsay, Bill; Maclean, Mattie; Marlatt, Eileen; Matheson, Kay; McLennan, Don; Messum, Harry; Metherell, Jesse; Miller, Archie; Miller, Bud; Moore, Jesse; Morlidge, George; Mudge, Melvin; Nelson, Ray; Nelson, Margaret; Newman, Don; Reo, Patterson; Rekrutiak, Bill; Paton, Bob & Millie; Pedersen, Frances (Tiny); Phillips, George; Ross, Lucella; Saunders/Ford, Wes/Ernie; Sellers, Jim; Skinner, Jean; Sloan, Jean; Spence, Colin and Hilda; Squires, Frank; Sylvester, Edna; Thrower, Eileen; Tindall, Olinda; Tuplin, Frank; Welton, C.; Willard, Alf; Whiting, Mary; Yaxley, Eileen.

Lloydminster and District Oral Histories Collection

Hodgson Brothers' Funeral Card Collection

  • Collectie
  • 1968-1994

This collection consists of 52 funeral cards from the estate of the Hodgson brothers, David and Gordon. The cards from the funerals of family and friends of the brothers, may contain birth and death dates, a listing of hymns performed at the funeral, names of pallbearers, surviving family members, and some biographical information about the deceased. Some include an image. The collection contains cards for the following people: Barber, Gilbert (d. Aug. 28, 1991); Batty, Elizabeth (d. May 15, 1986); Bootsman, George Frederick (d. Oct. 26, 1991); Bootsman, Johan (d. Feb. 25, 1992); Bott, Henry Percy (d. Oct. 9, 1974); Boyer, Alferd (d. Aug. 21, 1974); Brandvold, Martin Alfred (d. July 21, 1975); Buzuk, Wiliam (d. Apr. 9, 1992); Cowe, James (d. May 9, 1974); Christie, Nora (d. Apr. 1, 1992); Davidson, Gerald Graham (d. Oct. 25, 1983); Davidson, Lorne (d .Nov. 7, 1983); Davies, Ethel (d. Dec. 13, 1980); Deaville, Harold (d. Apr. 22, 1988); Earl, John Douglas (d. June 16, 1994); Earl, Robert Arthur (d. June 16, 1994); Evans, Lindsay Albert (d. Feb. 7, 1976); Ferster, Helen Margaret (d. Dec. 29,1988); Flint, Frank, Jr. (d. July 28, 1990); Green, Margaret Vivian (d. Apr. 27, 1991); Gower, Floyd Walter (d. Feb. 6, 1992); Hanson, William Alfred (d. Apr. 21, 1968); Hodgson, David Louis (d. Aug. 22, 1993); Jack, Alferd Stanley (d. Mar. 15, 1985); Jack, David Ernest (d. Dec. 20, 1986); Johansson, John (d. Dec. 10, 1989); Johnson, Elsie Elizabeth (d. Apr. 16, 1970); King, Leonard (d. July 11, 1983); Mackay, Harland Ward (d. Oct. 16, 1986); Mackay, John (d. Oct. 30, 1983); Mackay, Vernon Bruce (d. July 8, 1990); Miller, Alexander (d. Nov. 2, 1987); Noonan, Marion (d. Feb. 3, 1980); Parsons, Robert George (d. Aug. 19, 1985); Purser, Irene Miller (d. July 31, 1990); O'Neill, Edna Fern (d. Dec. 22, 1990); Owen, Paul (d. Oct. 29, 1990); Radcliffe, Kenneth Ross Frederick (d. June 29, 1991); Randall, Wayne (d. Feb. 1, 1984); Ronnpage, Helga Margrethe (d. Apr. 24, 1992); Ronnpage, John (d. Nov. 27, 1988); Rue, Wallace Melford (d. Aug. 5, 1979); Saunders, Colleen Fay (d. July 10, 1980); Seward, Frank Oliver (d. June 21, 1991); Sholdice, Murtle Eileen (d. June 30, 1991); Shook, Grace Norma (d. May 18, 1989); Shook, Neil Gordon (d. June 19, 1994); Slack, James Elmer (d. Aug. 18, 1991) Stone, James Dwight (d. Apr. 14, 1978); Tattersall, John Waler (d. Aug. 1, 1991); Welsh, Stanley (d. June 14, 1968); Williams, Bryn (d. May 3, 1984); Wilkinson, Albert William (d. Oct. 8, 1979).

Hodgson family

Velma Campbell collection

  • VC
  • Collectie
  • [191-?]-[1994?]

This collection includes black and white photographs taken in the Melfort region. Subjects include: a threshing crew, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Downie, the town of Melfort, and Mrs. Clagett's funeral coffin. The originals date from the 1910's to the 1950's.

Campbell, Velma

Ada Bedard collection

  • 996-014
  • Collectie
  • 1962

The collection contains one black and white photograph of a large group of people standing outside the "Old Time Curling Club" in Melfort Saskatchewan. The photograph was taken in 1962, and was part of Ada and Joby Bedard's personal collection.

Bedard, Ada (Née Elliot)

The Collegiate Outlook collection

  • MJ-126
  • Collectie
  • 1906-1914

This collection contains 26 copies of The Collegiate Outlook from 1906-1914. The Collegiate Outlook was a school magazine published from November to March by the Literary Society of the Moose Jaw High School. It contains essays and jokes written by students, as well as meeting minutes of the Literary Society. These issues were mailed to Mrs. Roy E. Campbell in Regina, although the name Beatrice Watson is signed on many copies of the magazine. The editors of the volumes are: Vol. 3 - Editor: A. W Keith, Vol. 4 – Editor-in-chief: R. J. Dickson, Vol. 5 – Editor-in-chief: G. B. Stillwell, Vol. 6 – Editor-in-chief: G. B. Stillwell, Vol. 7 – Editor-in-chief: A. H. Gibbard, Vol. 8 – Editor-in-chief: G. B. Stillwell, Vol. 9 – Editor-in-chief: G. B. Stillwell, and Vol. 10 – Editor-in-chief: Geo. S. Johnson.

Ken Bradley collection

  • MJ-183
  • Collectie
  • [2009]

This collection reflects the historical research conducted by Ken Bradley in preparation for his book entitled Out of bounds: a century of golf in Moose Jaw. The research includes print outs and photocopies of newspaper articles, primarily from the Moose Jaw Time Herald, about golf in Moose Jaw from 1900-2008. It also includes summaries written by Bradley of golf happenings in the area.

Bradley, Ken

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