Accountants and accounting√



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Accountants and accounting√

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Accountants and accounting√

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Accountants and accounting√

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School of Accounting - Graduates

Individual photographs of Accounting graduates grouped. Names: W.H. Atkinson, S. Barsky, R.H. Busche, P.G. Larter, J. Longton, S.M. Chasnut, C. Cuthbert, C.J. Dreidger, W.C. Mann, R.J. Middleton, W.G. French, E.G. Flynn, A.M. Hargrave, B.E. Newell, R.E. Oliver, F.J. Hart, G.H. Kargut, J.F. Lafreniere, James Neilson, dean; W.D. Ormiston, M.E. Pinder, M.S. Pukesh, J.T. Smith, L. Wojcichowsky, C.W. Worden.

School of Accounting - Graduates - 1932

Individual photographs of Accounting graduates grouped. Names from top to bottom (l to r):: Ms. F.E. Vanderburgh, Ms. O.M. German, Ms. B. Adilman, Ms. V. Jack, W. Parker, D.A. Shaw, O.L. Buckwell, G. Squarebriggs, W.E. Quine, A. Zartlin, J. Irwin, J. Blewett, L.T. Crosbie, W. Early, T.G. Wilson, A. McGill, G.M. Rooke, C. Ried, C.M. Bryanton, W.F. Toole, and P. Bradbrooke.

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