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Melfort & District Museum

Bedard, Ada (Née Elliot)

  • SCAA-MDM-996-014
  • Person
  • 1923-

Ada Bedard (nee Elliot) was born 1923 to George Elliot and Frances ("Sis") Mary Elliot (nee Ambler) in Pathlow, Saskatchewan. She attended public and high school in Pathlow. After graduation, Ada took teachers training at Regina Normal School. In July of 1944, she married Joshua ("Joby") Bedard, with whom she had three children: Brian (1947), Gerald (1949), and Jean Anne (1954). Joby was born 1913 in Marcelin, Saskatchewan. He attended school at Carmel, Saskatchewan and St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, and completed his education at the Harrisville School. He farmed until 1943, when he joined the RCAF. He resumed farming after being discharged. Joby served as councillor for Division 3 of the R.M. of Flett's Springs for 26 years, was a municipal representative on the Melfort Union Hospital Board for 19 years, served on the St. Breux Credit Union board for 19 years, and is a charter member of the Pathlow Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion #344. Ada is also a member of the Pathlow Legion Auxiliary.

Currie, Vera R. (Née Baity)

  • SCAA-MDM-2001-117
  • Person
  • 193? - ??

Vera R. Currie (nee Baity) is the daughter of Lyla R. Baity (nee Wilkinson). Vera's mother was born in 1912 on the Beatrice (nee Barnum) and Jack Wilkinson homestead near Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This farm was sold following the First World War, and the Wilkinsons moved to Quesnel, British Columbia, where Lyla remained. Vera Currie was born in Quesnel, and attended school there, but moved to Salt Lake City, USA, after marriage.

Austin, Gilbert

  • SCAA-MDM-2001-88
  • Person
  • 19--?

not available

Carlson, Albert

  • Person
  • 1929 - present

Albert Edward Carlson was born December 18, 1929 to John Edward Carlson and Helen ("Nellie") Elizabeth Carlson (nee Deighton) on the SE 1/4 of 30-45-20. He received his education at Kirkton School. When he was young, Albert would help his father at the farm until winter, at which point he would work elsewhere. At age 16, he went to La Pas Lumber Camp at Carrot River, Saskatchewan with John Ericson and Ernest Hendrickson. Another winter, he drove caterpillar at Meyers Camp in the bush. In 1952, Albert worked on the Lynne Lake railroad at Sheridon, Manitoba. Albert took over the family farm after the death of his father in 1953. In 1957, he married Audrey Carlson (nee Johnson) at the Zion Lutheran Church in Kinistino, Saskatchewan. They had five children.

Bjorgan, Christie Anne (née Flett)

  • SCAA-MDM-2002-039
  • Person
  • 1934 -

Christie Anne Bjorgan (nee Flett) was born February 3, 1934 to John and Margery Flett. She later married, and had two children: Margery and Bradley.

Fedosa, Sandra

  • Person
  • 19--?

Sandra Fedosa lives in Brampton, Ontario. Her mother, Vera McLean, is from Melfort, Saskatchewan.

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