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Jackson, Howard
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The full cast for theatrical

The full cast for theatrical, March 1914. Left to right, front row: Joy Carpenter, Elder Fleming, Leslie Trueman, John Young, Ralph Clark, Wm. Ross, Harold Brown, Lorne Burke, George Parker and Douglas Ewen. Centre row: Miss Hockley- teacher, Doris Trueman, Dorothy Hill, Mr. Ross- Principal, Constance Vaughan, Mary Christopherson and Miss Ostrum-Teacher, Bach row: Mr. Leighton-Asst. Principal, Bert Lancaster, Miler Magrath, Dan Young, Milton Lloyd and Gregory Fehrenbach.

Canadian Pacific Railway

The Canadian Pacific Railway yards as they appeared in 1910. Great development had taken place in the preceding twenty years, since the first train left Yorkton in 1891. In the picture above, left center, it will be noted that in 1910 the fair grounds were on the present site of Jubilee park, the live stock building and large tents are seen. On the right is Livingstone Street.

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