Fundo MG 449 - P.A. Sorokin collection

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P.A. Sorokin collection

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MG 449

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  • 1867-1997 (inclusive) ; 1930-1986 (predominant) (Produção)

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6 metres of textual records
1 microfilm
1 cassette tape

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Pitirim A. Sorokin was born in 1889 in Komi (province in Northern Russia) into a peasant family. During his early childhood he traveled with his father and two brothers earning their living by remodeling and painting rural churches. His strong interest in education, combined with a natural talent and work ethic, soon transformed him into a leading Russian social scientist and famous politician who was at the center of the Russian Revolution in 1917. In 1923, after his banishment by the Bolsheviks, Pitirim Sorokin started a new life in the United States. In less than 10 years the Russian émigré became a world-renowned sociologist and the founder of the Department of Sociology at Harvard University. Over 30 major books were published over a period of 50 years of active intellectual life. His ideas attracted the attention of Albert Einstein and Albert Schweitzer, Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy, political activists and yoga followers, military and peace proponents. At the time of his death in 1968 Pitirim Sorokin was one of the leading thinkers of the 20th century. (Biographical sketch provided by Pavel Krotov.)

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This fonds contains Sorokin's: manuscripts, published works, correspondence, clippings, Harvard University Administrative files, and administrative files of the Research Centre for Creative Alturism. Also included are a few photographs, a microfilm and cassette tapes, as well as works by others about Sorokin and his theories. Some of the material about Sorokin was added after his death.

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The material has been arranged into seventeen series:
I. Manuscripts by P.A. Sorokin
II. Published Works by P.A. Sorokin
III. Works by Others
IV. Clippings about Sorokin and his Theories
V. Photographs of Sorokin and Others
VI. Published Works by Others
VII. Miscellaneous Material
VIII. Addendum to Sorokin Collection
IX. Correpondence
X. Harvard University Administrative Files
XI. Research Center for Creative Altruism Administrative Files
XII. Sorokin's Publications - Correspondence
XIII. Microfilm and Cassette Tapes
XIV. Sorokin Project
XV. Sorokin's Obituary Clippings
XVI. Foreign Language Material
XVII. Sorokin's Library - Correspondence

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Files marked as RESTRICTED must be vetted by the archivist prior to use. Though not marked with a RESTRICTED note, files from the Correspondence series may need additional vetting for personal information that is restricted under Saskatchewna Privacy law before they can be released.

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A finding aid for the manuscript material is available. The books in Special Collections have not yet been fully catalogued, however, brief records for 369 items in Sorokin's library including many books with his personal annotations are available in the library catalogue.

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Includes photographs, microfilm, sound recordings and oversized material.

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