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A.F. Deverell fonds

  • MG 35
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1975 (inclusive) ; 1949-1972 (predominant)

This collection contains the material kept by Professor Deverell in his capacity as Secretary for the Quance Lecture Series. It includes minutes of the committee meetings, correspondence with lecturers, and an almost complete set of both the manuscripts and the published lectures. Missing are the lectures by D.H. Russell (1953), G.E. Flower (1964), and J.R. Kidd (1966) (see University Lectures). Lecturers included J.G. Althouse, ME. LaZerte, W.P. Percival, H.L. Campbell, J.P. Gilmour, C.E. Phillips, G.A. Frecker, H.P. Moffatt, W.H. Swift, W.S. Lloyd, Msgr. I. Lussier, R.W.B. Jackson, J.M Paton, S.R. Laycock, J.F. Leddy, W.R. Wees, F. MacKinnon, J.A. Corry, H. Janzen, A. Renaud, C.D. Ovans, and S. Shack.

Deverell, Alfred Frederick

Awards - Bursaries - Pharmacy

Dr. Bruce R. Schnell, assistant professor of Pharmacy, presents the Regina Druggists' Auxiliary entrance bursary to Debra Charmaine Adam. Taken in Thorvaldson Building, with a display case marking "100 Years of Filling Prescriptions" visible in background.

B.A. Holmlund fonds

  • MG 354
  • Fonds
  • 1951-2004 (inclusive); 1972-2004 (predominant)

This fonds reflects Holmlund’s interest in the philosophy of education, his varied career at the University of Saskatchewan, and his concern for an equitable society. It is particularly valuable as a source for university history, specifically for the period of Leo Kristjanson’s tenure; and for issues surrounding health delivery, education, and the College of Medicine; the development of computer / IT services on campus; and First Nations educational opportunities. As a reflection of planning at a post-secondary U-15 institution, this fonds is particularly strong, notably for the materials surrounding the Issues and Options project.

Holmlund, Blaine Adrian

Beverley fonds

  • SCM-RG-0005
  • Fonds
  • 2000

The fonds consists of records of the Beverley Community Club as well as the Beverley School District Number 1172.

Beverley School District Number 1172

The fonds, related to the Beverley School District Number 1172 consists of the following:

.1- Minute Book of Beverley School #1172, 1948-1967, including inventory of the teacherage
.2 – Loose papers from inside book:

  • Nomination papers for C.A. Cooper and Sam Sauder, Jan 22, 1964
  • Caretaking Agreement (in envelope), Leonard Schafer, 1963 – 1964
  • Nomination paper for C.A. Cooper, 1966
  • School Officials, 1964 report form
  • School Calendar, 1966-1967, teacher appointment notices for Muriel Dyck,
    1966 and Lea Albers, 1966, in envelope
  • School Officials, 1965 report form
  • School Officials, 1966 report form, form 35c
  • School Officials, 1966 report form, form 35u
  • Nomination papers for Henry Dyck, Jan 21, 1967
  • School Officials, 1967 report form
  • School Officials, blank report form
  • Nomination paper, blank, 5 copies
  • Nomination paper for B.A. Castle, Jan 21, 1967
  • Exercise book containing random minutes, 1964 – 1967
  • School Inventory, June 29, 1951
  • Beverley School children list, 1953 – 1961
  • Free Text back order clip, June 3, 1949
  • Invoice for fire extinguisher, January 7, 1949
  • Invoice for water cooler, February 24, 1949
  • Receipt: “Christmas Grant / Beverley” (21$)
  • Invoice for paper towels (Moyer School Supplies Ltd.)

Biggar School Teachers

Group photograph of school teachers in Biggar, Saskatchewan; teachers identified as: seated - Reid Elliot, Carson Tufts, Frankie Ferguson, Johnny Friesen; Standing - Shirley Covey, Bee Grenkie, Elva Friesen (Teachers' wife), Ada Fraser, Elain Culbert, Nellie McLean, Mary Bridge, _____Brady"

Boards and Committees files

Series consists of records relating to and/or created by various committees, boards, camps, and other entities governed by or associated with the United Church of Canada, in Saskatchewan. Contents include minutes, reports, correspondence, plans and other documents and images pertaining to: the Committee for Christian Education (1925-1970), including Girls' Work and Children's Work Committees; Survey and Planning Committee; Settlement Committee (1924-1961); the Conference Special Committee for the Saskatchewan Golden Jubilee (1955); Committee to Study Non-Anglo-Saxons (1930-1931); Missionary and Maintenance Fund Committee (1934-1935); the Special Committee to Study the Relationship between the Christian Church and Education in Saskatchewan (1966); the Committee on Union of the United Church of Canada (1961-1973); the Conference Committee on Church Extension; Board of Home Missions (1917-1952); Lumsden Beach Camp (1908-1962); Camp Outlook (1947-1953); White Bear Religious Camp (1930-1940); the Benevolent Society of Camp McKay (1953-1983); the Prairie Christian Training Centre [later Calling Lakes Centre] (1952-1973); the Ministers' Summer School of Religion (1934-1941); Templeton Mission (1952-1953); Moose Jaw College (1914-1945); Conference Committee on Colleges and Education (1930-1931), primarily correspondence from Convenor D.S. Dix; Oliver Lodge (1949-1979); Laymembers of Saskatchewan Conference (1925-1963); the Boundaries Committee (1973); and Camp Tapawingo (1960-1980).

Bonnie Currie fonds

  • SCM-RG-0029
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1955

The fonds, related to the Silver Craig School District Number 4107, were accumulated by the source. No other information was captured at the time of transfer to the Swift Current Museum.

The content has not been professionally appraised, arranged, or described. The following is a basic listing of the unprocessed contents:

-scrapbook with wooden covers, inside are letters, photographs, history, etc. relating to the history of the Silver Craig School District Number 4107, dated 1905-1955

-Daily Register for the Recording the Daily Attendance of Pupils

Silver Craig School District Number 4107

Canadian Girls in Training, 1954-1974

Series contains regulations, minutes, reports, correspondence, newsletters, pamphlets, clippings and other documents relating to the Canadian Girls in Training (C.G.I.T.) program. Contents include files for: the CGIT Camp Committee (1960-1970); CGIT Camp Council (1954-1970); CGIT Leadership Training Committee (1964-1969); CGIT Provincial Girls' Executive (1957-1961); the CGIT Saskatoon Local Committee (1948-1963); CGIT Senior Girls' Conferences (1960-1961); CGIT 50th Anniversary; and various National Committee documents.

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