Qu'Appelle Pastoral Charge

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Qu'Appelle Pastoral Charge

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  • Qu'Appelle Knox Pastoral Charge

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Qu'Appelle Pastoral Charge was formed as a new United Church charge in 1925, part of Qu'Appelle Presbytery and consisting of appointments at Qu'Appelle and Edgeley. The congregation at Qu'Appelle can be traced to Presbyterian and Methodist congregations from at least the 1880s, which joined in 1925, creating Knox United Church, in the former Presbyterian building (built ca.1907, replacing a previous 1886 building). The Methodist Qu'Appelle Circuit (formed ca.1882) had served congregations in Qu'Appelle and Edgeley, both of which also built churches, in 1883.

By 1962, Qu'Appelle Pastoral Charge points at Qu'Appelle and Edgeley had been joined by McLean and Avonhurst (formerly McLean Pastoral Charge). By 1969, Avonhurst was no longer listed in the charge. On April 1, 1989, Edgeley and McLean separated and formed their own pastoral charges. In 2018, the remaining Qu'Appelle Knox Pastoral Charge was disbanded. (The separate Edgeley Pastoral Charge continued on.)


Knox United Church (Qu'Appelle, SK).

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Local church congregations in the United Church are organized into pastoral charges, each run by a governing body, such as a Council or Board. Charges can often include more than one local church or preaching place congregation under the leadership of a minister.

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2018-May: drafted for SAIN.
2021: revised in MemorySask.


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"Knox United Church, Qu'Appelle" in Early History of Saskatchewan Churches (Grass Roots) vol.2, compiled by Meredith B. Banting, ca.1975, pp.146-147; "Qu'Appelle – Knox United Church," in "Church Historic Sites Tour Guide, Western Canada," by the United Church of Canada; UCC Sask. Conference Records of Proceedings; UCC Year Books.

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